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  1. Used to detect adblockers to warn that they cause chart loading issues...
  2. Good Evening Everyone, I would like to present a new tool for pilots ( I know right?) ChartFox is a completely free, digital chart solution for flight simulation purposes. For too long when flying on the network you have had to trawl through mis-matched AIPs, foreign languages and confusing websites to gain access to publicly available charts and airfield information. ChartFox attempts to solve these issues, by giving pilots quick and easy access to charts on-the-fly, across most devices. It currently has around 20,000 charts accessible spanning over 1,200 airports, wit
  3. Primary Concern: Fix the voice codec. It's 2018, and it needs to change Second Concern: Pilot standards. A lot of people have suggested tests or restrictions, I don't think this is the way to go. But I DO think the network should utilise a short introduction moodle course to all new registrations. For their registration to become active, they simply have to "complete" (read) each lesson and once that is complete their account is activated. Would fix issues with troll accounts being setup quickly and newer members would have no excuse to not know the basics.
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