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  1. Any chance this will happen? For us locally, this is the most important information. Is the person in question a member of our vACC or not. And now with VATEUD discontinuing their API, it's even more hard to poll that data. It's also information that is already publicly available on the statuspage
  2. Just a quick question regarding web hosting. What are you guys using? Someone's private server? A VPS? Other type of hosting? And do you pay for it? If so, how much? And how do you pay (ie. where does the money come from; donations, out of pocket and so forth) Thanks for the feedback!
  3. OK. Follow up question! If I go for the alias solution. What does the .contactme actually do? I can make my own semi version by using an alias of .cm .msg $aircraft Please contact me on $com but that wouldn't work on uncorrelated and unidentified tags (as .contactme does) Anyone with a good answer?
  4. All true. However the hard coded home button would be lovely to be able to change
  5. I just noticed that my laptop doesn't have a HOME-button. Now it's really no big deal when Im travelling to just typ ".contactme". But I would love to be able to bind it to another button. And on the same topic. Any chance of changing the text to "Please contact me on XXX.XXX" to something similar to VRC. For example "Please contact me on XXX.XXX and please use the frequency, don't reply to this message" Its super annoying getting 20% replies with "Rgr", "ok", "soon", "why" and so forth It's the small stuff that makes the big differences
  6. I so desperatly want to join in the "voice quality" train. But I'm gonna stick my neck out and remove the ability to fly with text for those who acctually need it (hearing impared and so on). The amount of text pilots make controlling less and less fun these days...
  7. Yep. Model matching is nerfed in P3Dv4 I'm afraid... Tried both the old IVAO_MTL (yes yes yes I know...) and WOAI and both with same result. Black fuselages or completely invisible. Although when I was zoomed out max they did appear for a while. The problem with invisible planes was present with FSX as well, if you unticked "aircraft cast shadows on the ground" they appeared. But this time it seems like it's something more... More info regarding coming solutions here https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/511351-woai-traffic-in-p3d-v4
  8. Most often when I mentor students in sweatbox, and then restarts the simulation to allow another student to have a go, all aircrafts are marked as "crashed" after roughly 2-5 minutes. Is this perhaps already a known bug?
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