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  1. I was just wondering how I can change traffic on vpilot manually For example someone mistakenly connects to vatsim with username AC420 instead if ACA420 and it shows up as the default a321. How can I manually change it so I can choose the ai model?
  2. I use vpilot to connect to vatsim. Everytime I fly out of heathrow during daytime all the traffic in that airport disappears except there strobe lights. I can see the traffic fine at night but idk why it dissapears during the day. I've used the ivao mtl traffic and the woai traffic set but the problem is still consistent. I also use aerosoft heathrow extreme for my scenery. I want to know why this only happens in Heathrow and how I can fix it?
  3. Hi I use vatsim with Fsinn but the only thing I dont like is that there is no AI model matching. I know there are ways to get AI modeling with FSinn but would Vpilot be easier. Also would Vpilot have better performence fps than Fsinn. Thanks in advance.
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