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  1. What a shame for ATC staffing in the UK, Ireland and Iceland. Agreed levels and flight planned routes will survive once more!
  2. I can fly IFR out of Kai Tak (closed for over 20 years). I can't fly IFR out of Tegel. Considering the only time I'm going to be flying to Tegel is when IFR from another European destination, it still confuses me why IFR is totally 'gone'. Furthermore, the original post takes the line of 'if you fly into Tegel after the 9th, you're getting in the way' - not the sort of environment I feel that VATSIM should be promoting.
  3. The real world procedures require a lot of intervention to make it work - an aircraft can end up on headings from Dublin down towards Koksy. Far more complex work than it takes to vector a plane off a conflicting procedure. For the record - I've looked at the procedures, and yes there are indeed conflicts - not so much however to prevent our virtual world from continuing to enjoy Tegel.
  4. Seems a bit abrupt to close Tegel to IFR entirely on VATSIM, even due to conflicting procedures. If a pilot wants to fly to Tegel, it can't be that difficult to potentially make room in a sequence for them - or even vector them? The London TMA is full of conflicts between dozens of airports and that survives fine in real world and on VATSIM - I don't see why an airport should be closed for IFR entirely especially when it's most likely to be a handful of flights every year!
  5. Quoted from the VATSIM UK Forums The best way to get moving is to let the controllers get on with it. We know what we're doing, and we were doing the best to get the situation going as quickly as possible. Shouting at controllers over frequency doesn't get you anywhere!
  6. Only found this now, how bad am I? I was indeed the student undergoing examination that evening, and I must say I felt much more confident after my exam that I managed to handle the traffic without loss of safety - and I'm proud of it. There is a point that I was ready for an event a week later and was able to deal with the traffic levels, mainly due to the 'hecticness' of my exam. I'm glad I didn't get a ground controller on as it was really able to be a personal test for me.
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