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  1. Finally, it's fixed. It was my video card driver. I will give it a trial this weekend.
  2. Hi Paul, I am anxious to get things working but it seems that neither SB3 nor FSInn is cooperating with my system here. After logging on VATSIM and logging off, I had problem restarting FS9. It freezes every time. Even resetting it to default did not help. Finally this morning, I had to re-install FS9 from scratch and tried again. Same thing happened. At this point, I am still looking for a solution.
  3. Thanks, Paul & Celestyn. I have been wanting to try VATSIM since I have never done it before. Normally, I would only fly on weekends. Even on weekends, I only have time for a short hop, 1-2 hour the most. However, I will make the effort this weekend for a little experiment.
  4. Hi all, If I am interested in flying Asia but SB3 don't have Asia server, does it matter if I choose US or Europe? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi Paul, It's my first time here. I am interested in flying Asia, particularly the Singapore hub, on short hop between S'pore & Phuket. Please let me know when is a good time. Thanks in advance.
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