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  1. First to Gergely thank you very much for building such an amazing program. I have been building some scenario's to use in the self instruction mode in the built in simulator but am having problems with the use of Sid's and Star's. The simulator will automatically asign Sid's and Star's to my aircraft in the scenario but the simulated aircraft continue to fly their original flight planned routes. After the Sid's or Star's have been asigned if i open the flight plan the flight planned routes are changed by having the Sid and Star waypoints added to the flight plan. However the route bein
  2. Is anybody able to point me to a FS9 addon scenery for Muscat Seeb international Oman. Thanks in advance. Rgds John Gayford
  3. Hi Marc Thanks for your link. Looks like we just have to accept that Chris is busy with other things and that support is no longer available. its a shame because this program has so much potential. If only we could contact Chris we might be able to encourage his to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] on the source code to someone who has the time available to make the corrections. I have been using the Boston sector file for basic radar training but it just isn't the same as using your home sector file. Rgds John Gayford
  4. Hi I have been trying to contact Chris Serio to see if a fix can be found for the bug which prevents us using this great simulator in the south pacific, but without much luck. Does anyone else have access to the code and would they be able to provide [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance. Rgds John Gayford
  5. Is there anybody monitoring this forum/thread who can help me with this problem. Any [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance would be greatly appreciated. Rgds John Gayford
  6. Hi Ross Sounds like you have come up with another great training tool well done. Do you know if Chris has been able to find a solution to the heading/tracking problem with ACSIM? It too is a great training tool such a shame we can't use it in the south pacific Rgds John
  7. Hi Chris It will be sooooo....... good if we can get this one fixed. Rgds John Gayford
  8. Hi Jose [iNFO] New Zealand Ubersector v1.1 NZWN_CTR NZWN S041.19.40.854 E174.48.30.285 60 46 -21.7 1 Here in New Zealand i use the above sector file. I find the heading error varies with Latitude. For example aircraft radiating from the same point at the following latitudes gives the following errors. At 51degrees south 33 degree error. At 43degrees south 45 degree error. At 41degrees south 55 degree error. Does anybody know if Chris has time to work on this problem or has the real world taken over his life. Rgds John Gayford
  9. Hi Chris Any sign of light at the end of the tunnel This is such a great training tool. We have been using your Boston Sector file to train our NZ controllers, and have put together some great exercises. The only limiting factor i have found is the number of a/c that one pilot/driver can handle at a time. To accurately simulate the changes in ground speed and rate of altitude change with climb and descent limits most drivers to four or five a/c. However the sweatbox server seems quite happy with up to five individuals logged on at once participating in the same exercise. Keep up the
  10. Hi Ross [iNFO] New Zealand Ubersector v1.1 NZWN_CTR NZWN S041.19.40.854 E174.48.30.285 60 46 -21.7 1 Thanks for your help. Changing the -21.7 to 16 has the effect of rotating the Geo Map by 37degrees clockwise. Makes NZ look very strange . The A/C tracks are then in error by some 22 degrees. Sounds from Chris's post that he has identified a possible cause and that given time a solution will be found. Thanks again for your interest. Rgds John Gayford
  11. Hi Chris and Jose You're right Jose we just have to be patient. We are all very appreciative of the time and effort people like Chris put into their software so that we can have so much fun. A question while we are waiting. I made a light hearted remark in a previous post about the software working in the Boston area and that we could move our training to that area. I have put together a scenario for the Boston area hoping to use it while we wait but i now suspect it would intefer with anyone else wanting to run a Boston exercise on the sweatbox server. Is this the case? If so, would it
  12. I have tried writing scenario's with the BOS sector file and everything works fine. Writing scenario's for New Zealand sectors the aircraft fly a track sixty degree's less than the heading inserted in ACSIM. I've tried altering the Mag Var values in the INFO section of the sector file but that doesn't seem to make any difference. BOS has a Var of 16W while NZ is 21E a difference of 37 degrees so i dont think the answer lies here. BOS is about the same distance north of the equator as NZ is south, thought there might be some corelation here but havent found it. Oh well if we can't find
  13. Hi Chris It would be appreciated if you could post here when the new build is released to the regional directors. It is a great program you have put together here. Rgds John Gayford
  14. Chris I have been trying to contact you by email at [email protected] to arrange a download of ACSIM but my email keeps bouncing back. My details John Gayford Instructor VATPAC 814699 email [email protected] Looking forward to using your sim for training. Rgds John Gayford
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