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  1. I have the same issue. I read somewhere else that AFV takes over the stream deck but this is not happening for me.
  2. Hi All. I have experienced this issue too quite a lot whilst observing - it happened about five times yesterday when I was obs'ing CTP over 12ish hours. When I was first using AfV (the original release) I never had it happen and I believe it started happening some time ago when I installed the last update of AfV. Not sure if that is a red herring or if the issue could be a side effect of some change from the previous release in the update. Just a thought.
  3. Hi all, I notice this hasn't been posted to in ages, but for completeness sake... This issue is due to the order of the plugins. (In my case the UKController Plugin and vSMR) Any plugin that does the same sort of thing as the UKController plugin but for another country, say, will probably exhibit. It is partially a Euroscope bug too - or so I'm lead to understand. It is present in ES beta (r23 - r25) as far as I know. Steps to take: 1. Make vSMR the very last plugin to be loaded by using the up/down buttons to change the order of the plugins (or just unload it and re
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