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  1. I had this issue a loooong time ago with vPilot and today it returned out of nowhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAl21zxdk-Q Watching the first few minutes of the video you will see the plane will be turning nice and smooth then get "glitched" almost and is facing another direction. It was sometimes subtle and other times insanely noticable. It definitely can screw up approaches because it will sometimes glitch off the ILS or something. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
  2. 1) Clearing the form just does deletes a few boxes but the same information still shows up. 2) Cookies were cleared, has no affect 3) As I said, all autofill is off. 4) wat?
  3. I have this exact same issue and it's very annoying. Happens whenever I file a plan as Emirates (ICAO UAE). My Chrome is set to not store/autofill passwords. LastPass doesn't autofill either. You can see in the URL that my prefile SHOULD be for SWR1485. When I load that link, this is what happens... You can see the SWR1485 information show up for half a second before being autofilled by my UAE215 information...somehow. Nothing is set to autofill. I had this issue a looong time ago and I forgot what fixed it. Glad to see I'm not the only one
  4. So do you think that if I combine all of those points it would form the FIR? I’m only using that JSON file for testing, and will probably work on my own sector data after I get the program stable.
  5. I'd like to ask a quick question this JSON file. If I'm looking at the Moncton FIR, I first see the {"icao":"CZQM","isOceanic":"0","isExtension":"1","points":[["48.500000","-62.000000"],["44.446667","-56.051667"]]} So I was thinking "Wow, this FIR only has 2 points?" Then I see right after that line of code this: {"icao":"CZQM","isOceanic":"0","isExtension":"0","points":[["49.300000","-61.000000"],["49.533333","-61.000000"],["51.000000","-58.000000"],["51.283333","-57.000000"],["51.735000","-57.000000"],["52.196389","-58.142778"],["51.633333","-59.500000"],["51.333333","-59.
  6. Alright, looks like I will focus on this concept then. Thanks for your help!
  7. So, how about this? The user enters their CID in the program. Visual Basic then searches this VATSIM status service docomeent for their CID, then pulls their LAT/LONG, and then says what airspace they are in which are defined by predetermined coordinates? Sorry if that's a lot, I just want to make sure I'm understanding all this right.
  8. Is there a way to pull a users callsign and position through their CID? I was thinking about it, and if the user enters their CID, it could locate them through that.
  9. What would you personally recommend? What would you call that? I'm not entirely sure how to do it. EDIT: I just realized a comment above explained it. Yeah I fly a lot so I think using VATSIM data would be fine. So will this basically just tell me where that pilot is? How long will it be before it's released? Thanks for helping me out here and sorry for all the questions!
  10. I hope this will be fun I've never done much programming but I've always wanted a program like this so I've just decided to learn a lot of this stuff as I go. I was looking at this earlier...and I guess I need to do some more learning on how to decode all that information. Right now I'm making my program in Visual Studio because I thought it would be the easiest, but I'm guess there isn't a way for Visual Basic to decode that API (or maybe there is? Who knows, I sure don't.) That is what I was thinking. For now, I would probably focus on just North Atlantic Flight Station
  11. Hi all, I'm trying to create an application that can alert pilots that have stepped away if they are within an active Air Traffic Controllers sector. I would like to know if there is a VATSIM API that can send data to my application for a specific pilot to tell them who's airspace they are in. I'm new to programming but this is my summer goal
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