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  1. AFAIK the asr cannot be removed from this list once you open it, as this list should be something like "recently opened asr list". All opened asr files will be kept there until you quit EuroScope. There's one more thing that when you press F1+num, the asr is gone, but it is not the same as clicking CLOSE on the list which will ask you to save the changes. This only makes the asr temporarily deactivate and you can restore it anytime by clicking it back from this list.
  2. It caused by an option included in the controller pack. Just uncheck it in General Settings if you want to select active aiports on your own. But personally the option will be useful when you online as a controller.
  3. You can do that with the [LABELS] section in sct file. Example: #define definedColor 39423 [LABELS] "P0" N040.04.24.560 E116.34.30.170 definedColor "P1" N040.04.31.747 E116.34.29.551 definedColor "P2" N040.04.45.419 E116.34.27.311 definedColor or [LABELS] "P0" N040.04.24.560 E116.34.30.170 39423 "P1" N040.04.31.747 E116.34.29.551 39423 "P2" N040.04.45.419 E116.34.27.311 39423 Then you just need to enable Free Text - SCT2 in Display Settings of EuroScope. Just be careful that [LABELS] cannot be sorted into different categories in Display Settings like [FREETEXT]
  4. Here is the latest ground sector of Beijing
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