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  1. Login cookies that keep the user authenticated are set as session cookies, meaning when the browser is closed (browsing session ended), the cookie is deleted. I've done a little digging, but that seems to be the way IPB does it - and not something configurable within IPB. The only thing I can think of is if you were to use a local php.ini config to change the session cookie time limits. I might be wrong, and someone might have another idea...
  2. There are plenty of examples on the forums. Here's the original example, viewtopic.php?f=134&t=64910. I've made an object-orientated cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] setup for VATSIM SSO which I liked for non-frameworked (symfony for example) projects https://github.com/kilosierracharlie/vatsim-sso.
  3. I released a patch for newer OSTicket installs a few years ago, that never got put into the main branch. It related to staff logins and not being able to login to the staff area successfully. This is the non-merged pull-request that I submitted. Last time I set up an OSTicket installation a few months back, it still worked. https://github.com/VATSIM-UK/VatsimOSTicketAuth/tree/5ff01bd3220f12a4b013433a6de794acc49f562b
  4. The outgoing (server IP address - must be authorized. If you used ping to get that IP address for vatwa.net, it's not guaranteed to be the server's IP address.
  5. I wouldn't characterize it that way. Sometimes certain pilots fail to follow the rules, and sometimes certain controllers fail to follow the rules. Anyone who berates another user should be held accountable. Privately to the Network Supervisor and ARTCC/vACC Management teams, yes. Publicly in this Forum or on any other VATSIM-related public group, no. Good on you for saving the screenshots -- use them the right way and let the people who are tasked with addressing this handle the rest. As frustrated and personally hurt as I'm sure you are because of this, you have said yourself t
  6. Welcome to VATSIM, Craig. Just as a pointer, this thread is three years old, and we don't generally like to bring them back to life. If you have a problem where you feel a supervisor's intervention may be required, use the .wallop command. You may find it useful to read the Pilot Resource Centre, or complete the P1 course either with the VATSIM Academy or another P1 rated ATO. That being said, I'm sorry you've had this experience - if you've filed your complaint to [email protected], you should get a response regarding this matter.
  7. Mine won't login, or allow me to reset p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word either.
  8. RSS Feed is not enabled on the VATSIM Forums. That being said, even if it was, you'd not be able to see much - authentication is required to be able to see 90% of posts.
  9. Welcome to VATSIM, Dane. VATSIM has two types of ratings - controller, and pilot. The "Pilot/Observer" rating simply signifies that you have no controller rating, and are only a pilot, or observer. If you wish to progress through the pilot ratings, such as "P1", "P2" etc, you can do this through any VATSIM Authorised ATO. You can find a list of them on the VATSIM PTD website. Although most ATOs require actually taking part in training with their instructors, you can get your "P1" rating through self-taught learning, on the VATSIM Academy. You mention your previous career as a com
  10. I find the Prepar3D SDK incredible helpful for this kind of thing, especially since SimConnect is the same throughout P3D, FSX etc. http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/sdk/simconnect_api/references/simobject_functions.html#SimConnect_AIReleaseControl
  11. Hi Pedro, It might interest you to know that VATSIM is currently taking an approach to, in future, open-sourcing the majority of modules running the network's architecture. Please don't quote me on this, but as I understand it, we're looking at allowing read-only access to the majority of modules that will run the network. It's also looking that the technical team and VATGOV5 will be those behind approving and providing quality-[Mod - Happy Thoughts]urance on any changes, before they are pushed live to the network. This is the method we're looking at taking, so that changes are bo
  12. You need a pilot client, vPilot is the best in my opinion. You can download it from it's website, http://vpilot.metacraft.com/. The VATSIM Academy has a great get-started course, which you can take and complete in less than an hour. It's available here. Welcome, and have fun.
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