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  1. Update on Volcanic Eruption See updated briefing for details
  2. Project Firmament is back with an ultra long-haul transpacific groupflight event connecting two great cities 8000 miles apart! Featuring ATC Coverage, a Typhoon, a Volcanic Eruption, remote landscape & wilderness, and more. This Friday 11z-03z(+1). Sing up for the flight and receive live updates via our Discord For route and all other info, please see the event briefing slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1lhGhLruWTKe0AKYpKxJ3ZppJ6CkmP05g. Be sure to review it before flight. You are also welcomed to join our Discord for discussions and questions! Preview:
  3. This event is today! Looking forward to seeing you there. The briefing document is updated (with route). Please be sure to check it out before flying! • Please note that the target departure window between 1400z-1430z. Pilots should aim to be fully ready by 1400z.
  4. Thank you for the information! Much appreciated. And we do have BARKU on our flight plan.
  5. Hi, please update the banner if you can, due to an error with the date. Sorry.
  6. Hi Trevor, Yes, we will be contacting VATUK separately via email. Thank you for letting know about the staffing!
  7. This Sunday, fly between 2 great Northwestern cities across the pond - Manchester and Seattle, and enjoy professional ATC service from VATUK & vZSE ARTCC, as well as oceanic coverage from VATSIM Scandinavia! Departure time: 1400-1430z (Target Takeoff Time) Arrival time: 2330z Airports: Manchester EGCC - Seattle/Tacoma KSEA (One-way) Scenery: EGCC FSX/P3D-Commercial Xplane-Commercial KSEA FSX/P3D-Free Xplane-Free P3D-Commercial FSX/P3D-Commercial Xplane-Commercial Route: Included in Pilot Briefing This event features a brand new experimentation by us: t
  8. Just curious why hasn't this event been updated to the calendar?
  9. Attached below is the recorded route discussion / event briefing session, including procedure and weather briefing, as well as a small workshop on the Eurocontrol IFPS system, using our route for the event.
  10. Let's bring Project Sunrise onto VATSIM, complete with stunning views and realistic air traffic control! Ibiza LEIB - Sydney YSSY | Time: Aug 29th 12z to Aug 30th 07z (Flexible options available, use the sign-up form to select your time of flight!) Sceneries: (links≠endorsement) LEIB [PAY FSX P3DV3] [PAY P3DV4] [FREE XP11] [FREE P3D] [PAY XP11] YSSY [PAY FSX P3D] [FREE XP11] [FREE P3D] ORBX AU v2 Sign Up Now Flights between Europe and Oceania are the longest ones on our planet. Many of them used what was known as the Kangaroo route, which always requir
  11. Hello Deon, We are ready to distribute the final route information. Please add the following info on top of the original event message, thanks. The event route package is now ready, including the Route Manual. Get the route and company route files for your aircraft here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11rHwRaGJeSutGs8cAEDX4epS-0oLVPZk Other important event information and pilot advisories are also enclosed. Please be sure to read the Route Manual before you fly to ensure a smooth and on-time departure! Remove the line "Route: Pend
  12. No worries, we will do our best to get them out early and also to deliver these info. Thanks, Marin
  13. To moderators: We moved this post to the main event forum. Thus this is now a duplicate post that you can remove at your discretion, as I am unable to delete it myself.
  14. This post is a DUPLICATE. It will not be updated. Please see here instead Depart from the tropical 🏝️island🏝️ of Sri Lanka, then fly over the top of the world - Himalayas and the towering 🏔️mountain🏔️ ranges of Tibet, with the active 🌋volcanoes🌋 on Kamchatka and Aleutian Islands coming up later, before we land at Seattle-Mount Rainier Airport (Wait you say Tacoma? What's that again?) Sign Up Here Time: Saturday 08z - 24z (Tentative) Or flexible, with intermediate airport departures available during most of the flight As always, full ATC coverage at both e
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