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  1. I would focus on pilot quality. It's not the first time, nor will it be the last when there are pilots signing up and fly just for the heck of it, and when they don't know to follow an instruction they create conflicts with other traffic. This leads to a huge mess for a controller to deal with and when such incidents keep happening repeatedly, controllers lose the will to control. A standard 10 question quiz on sign up for basic flying (traffic patterns, flying headings, maintaining altitudes and airspeeds, etc) and on the VATSIM CoC and CoR would go a long way in ensuring pilots know what
  2. Ah ok, my other headset works perfectly. Only this desktop mic doesn't. Tried everything. Thanks for your help.
  3. Ok, these are the port forwarding rules for my WiFi router. http://prntscr.com/642u48 I've got to get this mic working anyhow before 14th as I have my OTS then. I've tried almost everything you wrote Don, except the 4th one. The green bars in windows move up, and it works properly 5/5 with all other applications except VATSIM clients. This was my voice calibration in Euroscope after port forwarding - http://prntscr.com/642v81
  4. Uh and also I'm trying to forward UDP port 3290 in my Wi-Fi router, but tell me which app should I select from the entire list of games - http://prntscr.com/61w1bp for vPilot and FSInn
  5. Ernesto I just saw your post And yes, before starting vPilot I have checked all other voice clients are shut down. And Don - for now I use a headset only for speakers, and a desktop mic for my use (yes, those green bars move accordingly even if there's a slight noise out here somewhere). And I've been trying to post here since long, but my net would eventually screw up and disconnect me from browsing -_- Well, I've got an update, somehow I resetted my router to factory settings and when I transmitted, the controller said he could hear static noise, but no voice. So does this mean I'm a bit
  6. Ok, confirmed, even in FSInn voice doesn't work. So in short almost all VATSIM clients don't work with voice. The transmit button will be highlighted (in FSInn transmit sound will be heard), but the other side still won't hear.
  7. Um........well, this one doesn't need an external installer for a driver. It's installed automatically. I tried reinstalling it, but that still didn't help. Is this an only vPilot and Euroscope problem? Or it may occur with SquawkBox or FSInn too?
  8. Well.........its just a plug-and-play device. A driver isn't needed for it. Are any further solutions available?
  9. How can I unmute it/increase voice level for vPilot? (its the same calibration for Euroscope as well). Only VATSIM clients don't receive my voice. Rest all work perfectly.
  10. The voice calibration says 'speech drowned out' and squelch 13.87
  11. Hi, I quite recently got a new microphone. It so happens that when I try to transmit through vPilot, the transmission button gets highlighted, but the controller doesn't receive my voice. On his side, he has the receiving icon highlighted, but he can't hear me. Except vPilot, my mic works perfectly in other softwares like TeamSpeak, etc. I tried reinstalling vPilot as well as reinstalling windows, but that didn't help. Earlier it used to work fine with my inbuilt webcam + mic. Ever since I moved to a new one, it doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Yes, in Squawkbox, route gets truncated, but in FSInn the route remains as it is, the remarks field gets shortened. But anyway, I saw another guy flying the same destination with a slightly different route.
  13. Hello, I've been recently experiencing some issues with vPilot and VATSIM flight planning page. I generally file a flight plan through PFPX. But recently, when I'm trying to file one, the page gives me an error - 'An unrecognized response was received from the server. It said:' Only this and no reason of the error. If I try to file through vPilot, it'll file my plan, but a moment later, when I click 'Fetch from server' button, it gives an error that no flight plan was found on the server. It works ok with FSInn and SquawkBox. But as I'm planning to use P3D, I need vPilot too. Any help would
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