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  1. Gander Oceanic is seeking applications from our membership for the Events Coordinator position. This position is important for the organisation and scheduling of regular and one-off events within the Gander Oceanic FIR. Position duties and responsiblities: Reports to: Gander Oceanic Deputy FIR Chief (ZQO2) Responsible for: Event organisation and related tasks Duties: - Organises regular and one-off events for the CZQO FIR - Creates event banners for scheduled events - Monitor trends and interests for certain types of events - Organises controller rosters for events - Maintain
  2. Hello all. I am the New TA in Iceland and this was posted on our forums the other day by Mr Halldor Bui Jonsson who is a real world Iceland Radio (BICC_FFS) Controller. Could something be done about this proposal. http://forum.vatsim-scandinavia.org/topic/999-joint-operation-bicceggx/#comment-7895
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