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  1. When I delete the no link, the STAR looks completely wrong. It leads me in one direction then takes me back to where I was then back into the direction I was at before.
  2. If I delete the 'No link' waypoint, then it will mess up my STAR approach and I'll obviously be missing waypoints.
  3. I'm constantly getting these 'No link' error messages when I attempt to enter a STAR in, most of the waypoints come out as working, but then only one waypoint will appear as 'No link' and it'll spoil the whole STAR approach, anyone know how to fix it?
  4. Good evening, I was wondering whether there was anyway to remove all the buildings/terminals from the aerosoft scenery so it'll just leave the runway and taxi ways textures. Is this possible? If so, how?
  5. Title says it all, is this add-on (http://secure.simmarket.com/eric-marciano-easy-fmc.phtml) EasyFMC any good? Does it work like the payware FMCs with the SID and STARs? Will this also work with freeware mods such as the free Justflight 757?
  6. Title says it all, I'm looking for a decent 737 that provides decent FPS (Such as the Majestic Dash Any suggestions?
  7. It's both, the response is a bit delayed or 'slow' on it. Lets say I pull the joystick all the way to the right, it'll take around 2 seconds for the yoke in game to follow that but then it won't bank all the way. Like I did a flight today and the controls were all fine, but then sometimes it isnt. No idea why.
  8. Yeah I've disconnected autopilot, do I need to disconnect the button below autopilot aswell? Plus it's not stiff, it's like kind of delayed, I steer down and it'll steer down really slowly and it won't past I'd say 5 degrees downwards nor upwards. Sure it couldn't be the autopilot but I'll try again today, I hope not
  9. I seem to have an issue with my flight controls problem, the issue is that the controls are some times really stiff meaning that it's hard for me to operate the aircraft efficiently during landing, and sometimes the controls are just great and normal. Any solutions?
  10. I've ran the memory test, and no it isnt failing, this never used to happen, usually it'll go on 'Not responding'.
  11. Looks like the issue is this arising, this time it just automatically closes on it's own, didn't manage to find any errors, only logs I have are these: Any ideas now?
  12. I've installed UIAutomationcore thingy, the problem with removing FSX away from the default route is the fact that installing add ons / current add ons may not work as well, but I'll give it a try anyway.
  13. I've tried a clean installation and I'm still crashing with this error:
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