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  1. Yup, adding IPv6 solve the problem. Thanks Nestor. Suggestion: If possible please post all error code and its meaning (even though it give us error message, I would like to see further explanation) to the Connect documentation.
  2. Alright, I'll try to whitelist the IPv6 first to see if that solve the problem. Thanks Nestor.
  3. I also already check the IP, it returns the same IP as the one in whitelist. We have put the IP in whitelist long ago before the application deployed. Does the auth server also have IPv6? It might be the issue since our webhost server is using IPv6 when available to send request (seeing both IPv4 and IPv6 in icanhazip). Edit: When sending cURL request from another server where Connect successfully implemented, it shows us only IPv4 not IPv6 (sending to icanhazip.com not ipv4.icanhazip.com) which mean there is no IPv6 available inside the server (or probably not their priority to u
  4. I'm pretty sure that the client ID and secret are correct. If not VATSIM will throw invalid client after authorized by user. But this one went successfully and I have the code with me. The problem is after authorization where it failed to get user's data. I'll check the script with yours. Thanks for the help! Edit: I believe it's not a bug in the script since I just copy paste and do some work to store data in db. It works well in local and production server if I use auth-dev but not working if I use auth.
  5. Hi all, I'm having issue to implement VATSIM Connect on my website that was built with Laravel. I'm using source code for OAuth2 that provided by VATSIM dev here. All are working fine with development SSO but when I try to deploy I get 500 Server Error. Here is the log I get: at League\OAuth2\Client\Provider\GenericProvider->checkResponse(object(Response), array('error' => 'Invalid IP', 'error_code' => 'VSO3', 'log_code' => 'SSONteiLA')) I can confirm that our hosting IP is the same as the one added in VATSIM Connect dashboard. It is throwing error when trying
  6. Hi all, I found out that in development account, 10000007 doesn't have a division. Does this is a bug or it really can happen in live account? Cheers.
  7. The auth-dev is returning 500 server error if I login with account from CID 10000003 to 10000011. 10000001 and 10000002 are working correctly.
  8. Is it possible to also update the VATSIM Connect dev account's pilot rating to the newer rating config?
  9. Hi Harrison, Is there any estimation date regarding the reg date? Cheers!
  10. Tested and it works like a charm. Thank you!
  11. @Harrison Scott, Thank you Harrison. I did the command using CURL inside PHP, but it doesn't give the scope. Here is the result I get: https://pastebin.com/nKqeVRUh
  12. In the documentation at step 2, I expect the answer from VATSIM after user authorize access is: scopes, token_type, expires_in, access_token, and refresh_token. But, I don't get that in the actual answer, I get anything but scopes. Both auth-dev.vatsim.net and auth.vatsim.net return the same result. Is it a bug or it's actually like that?
  13. I think it will be better if displayed organization name to be Display Name that we set when we're registering the application instead of the identifier. I thought that the identifier is a key that we used in old SSO.
  14. Indonesia vACC uses a paid hosting named IDCloudHost that hosted in Indonesia. The price? So cheap than most hosting, especially Southeast Asia. It's only about ~ USD$1/month for their lowest shared hosting spec (1GB RAM, 1 core CPU, 1GB storage, and unlimited bandwidth), but mostly there is a promo. Since it's so cheap, we have no problem with the payment, mostly it's from our staff. I can recommend this hosting, the only problem that it's using bahasa Indonesia as their landing page. But at Client Area, they use WHMCS, so still support English. Plus, they have many data centers, such as
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