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  1. @Omer Cohen @liav ezra Have you guys succeeded with the SSO configuration? What did you set for a "Return URL" in oauth site settings?
  2. Hello! I'm looking for a solution for how to activate an organization in a new SSO. Earlier my first request was declined and the organization is suspended due to some of the requirements weren't fulfilled. I guess it was because of the Data handling document. We've created this document and placed it where applicable. Approximately two weeks ago I sent the email as a reply to the previous email with suspension info but no answer is received yet. Also, my ticket, which I created with a hope to get some help with the situation, was closed without any reply (!!!). The code I'm seeing i
  3. Hello Deon! Can you please change the event ending time. We're planning for 17-20 UTC, but instead on VATSIM site stated that we'll be online from 17 to 21 UTC. Thanks!
  4. We're using VPS from DigitalOcean which costs us $10/mo. Money are coming 50/50 from pocket and donations.
  5. Any updates? vACC Ukraine also interested in testing of oauth2 version of SSO.
  6. Request VATSIM SSO module update for IPB 4.3.x! Thank you!
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