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  1. Issue solved... I had to download new drivers for my RealTek audio and then make sure that in my 'apps' the mic was set to 'on'. I had it off so maybe V-Pilot knew something was amiss!. Steve
  2. Hi, I'm installing Vpilot for MSFS2020 but it says it 'Can't write: C:\users\(my name)\AppData\local\vpilot\GeoVR.Shared.dll' Any suggestions? Thanks Steve
  3. Hi Does anyone know how to change my email address on here? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know if there is an issue with skymaxxpro and vatsim? I've had a quite a few crashes lately as I'm nearing my destination airport and, looking at the log it happens right after skymaxxpro changes so is there a conflict between vatsim weather and skymaxx pro?.. or is it something different like the memory it takes to load all the csl planes perhaps? I wanted to attach my log file but not sure how to do it on here.
  5. Hi I haven't used VatSim yet and would like to start. I'm really unsure if my mic is good enough as any tests I've done on my own haven't sounded all that great! I enjoy flying in Norway and have searched for ATC in Norway to see when is the best time to hop on VatSim and which Norwegian airports have VatSim ATC. As its my first time I would like to take my Wideroe and just sit and listen to ATC and do a simple radio check to see how my mic is before going on again with a full flight plan. It might ease my concerns after I've had the chance to sit and listen on VatSim a few
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