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  1. I forgot to add on signature. twitch.tv/italianalien21
  2. Weird to hear. Because it happen several time, if you look on my Twitch you can see this issue.
  3. Hello Alessio, please avoid to write with this format, it cause problem to and it's very hard to read it because it appear too bigger on the screen. On VATSIM the rules about the gate are similar. But not always the same on real life. What it's really relevant is another thing: if the gate assigned can host the aircraft which is landed. Sometimes some ATC doesn't know real terminals for their airports, but of course can happen that someone assign the correct gate. I'm from Milano and for give you an idea, if I saw someone with callsign EZY or EJU in Malpensa Airport my priority is to
  4. Hello VATSIM users, I had experience during last session a strange issue on ES. I found a lot of flights which was appeared costaintely on SQUAWK IDENT permanently active also if these pilot wasn't instructed to do it or if they had activated the IDENT option without instruction. Someone could tell me which could be the reason of this issues? It wasn't significantly annoying, but it could be if my sector could start to be very crowded.
  5. if you would se your statistics, login to https://stats.vatsim.net/ . You will see there your details. But the system is a little bit different than ivao (i can advice you about this because I have an account also there, so I can understand maybe what you would see)
  6. VATspy latest version work if you would check who is online. Vattastic 1 seems retired, but Vattastic v2 still continue to work if you would see pilots and ATC's online
  7. Ciao Mario, questo è il forum internazionale di VATSIM, quindi pubblica eventuali post solo in inglese per evitare problematiche. Comunque, posso risponderti alla tua domanda, contattami in privato mettendo il cursore del mouse sopra il mio nome: apparirà una descrizione del mio profilo, e tra le opzioni trovi message. Cliccaci per mandare un messaggio privato e dirmi maggiori dettagli Hello Mario, this is the international forum of VATSIM, so please, to avoid problems (after all there are here users from all countries of the world), i suggest you to publish here messages only in english.
  8. Best way to start this 2021....without doubt a big problem for the entire community. Luckly for me I have also Mytraffic6 for P3D v3, bot for the other users? This will be a great trouble. Currently there aren't freeware alternatives, for what I know. .
  9. Best choice is to redraw the route that you was following before insert the direct. For this reason is better plan the route with a flight planner such Simbrief. It can allow you to see all waypoints present in your route.
  10. I hope that I will not forced to remove it due to the same reason which has convinced me to do this booking....times are 12:30 UTC to 17:30 UTC, in this photo times are visible with the Italian time. Milano Radar will wait you! If you would fly VFR and you're unfamiliar with Italian airspace, I suggest you to contact me privately, I will explain you how to do it in Italy. We have some restrictions in our country for VFR's.
  11. Hello Jakob, these are my personal suggestion for your first VATSIM flights: 1-A route appropriate for your English skills: phraseology is important for communications, if you're unfamiliar with English (but I don't think), better fly inside your country. Also if you speak well English, for the first flights is always better your country as location for your first flights. 2-VFR or IFR? The 2 type of flights are totally different. If you make IFR, the flight planning is more simple about the basic elements: check departure and arrival airport charts, for the departure airport se
  12. Hello guys, I would explain a strange fact that I had found with ES: I got the SMR colors applied in real life from ENAV (the Italian Agency of ATC) and I decided to apply these layouts over my ES sectorfile. However i found a very singular....problem: with colors from image the color indicated for the background is #143232 (Hex Format), which converted in decimal, is 1323570. If I try to upload this color, however it appear the region with a color which is something in the middle between dark gold and brown (the hex color that I had identified is #2F2900 for this strange color). I decie
  13. Hello Jim, this question have different replies. But basically, insert a SID and/or a STAR inside the flight plan it depends more with the local procedures. If you fly in the US, it could be possible insert without problems these data inside the flight plan because there these procedures are the same for all runways of an airport: if it's a SID an initial radar vector to a fix/station then follow a specif path until the first fix of the route, if it's a STAR a specific path for the first descend phase, then radar vector to the runway in use. But in some countries, SID's and STAR's are dif
  14. WOW....unluckly I can't fly for that day.....and this....is a veeery long flight.....
  15. Luca!!!! Ma malgiorno! Can I told you a solution? Before your flight, shut off the modem, wait few minutes, and then, when will be less warm, reactivate it. With my previous modem was the best solution! Maybe you can find this idea just a little bit crazy, but it could help. Fatti vivo che su Milano Radar io ci sono!
  16. Hello Andreas, I will take seriously in consideration also qutescoop also for this! Thanks! DotWallop, thanks for this information, usually I read carefully these types of updates, but probably I forget that post. I will wait the release of this system so! What is happened to your Twitch channel? Last trasmission was 2 months ago! I hope to see your livestream soon! Regards from an "italianalien" (maybe you remember that I called you some months ago as SUP for a problem which I showed you on my livestream)
  17. Hello VATSIM members, just a simple question. As ATC, if I would book a facility which I'm sure that I can cover for a specific day, I used since my day 1 on VATSIM vroute. However, from my perspective this tool have some limits: if I would fly with ATC coverage, I can see only the ATC facilities which are booked for next 18 hours. In the past, atcbooking.com has solved this problem for me because it was a good system to find who has booked a specific facility, with several days of pre-advice before the effective day selected from that virtual ATC. However, seems that now atcbooking webs
  18. Thanks for the reply. About the record, how many users was online during the maximum peak reached in the entire history of VATSIM?
  19. Hello Nestor, maybe can be a good idea also share here the Airports involved. There could be present inside VATSIM some users which doesn't use Twitter....anyway, thanks for the opportunity! This event will be made on same day of my birthday!
  20. Hello to everyone. If someone would fly with another pilot, I will fly during Milano Overload on VATSIM from Milano Linate to Amsterdam. If someone would fly with me, this is the route. ARLES L153 PUNSA UL153 VADEM UN853 IXILU UL47 EPL UM624 ROUSY UQ624 BUB UY28 HELEN EVEN FL'S (320, 340....) ATC coverage guaranteed in Milano due to event, and also in Amsterdam (someone has booked the APP, TWR and GND) I will be online this saturday on Linate at 1650 UTC, with planned departure time around 1715 UTC. We should arrived in Schiphol after 1 hour and 30 minutes. And if someone is
  21. Davide, you have forget to insert also the informations about the overload For the overload of Saturday, informations are here: http://forum.vatita.net/index.php/topic,5520.0.html
  22. Yes, Jardesign it work, I know it because I use the A320 on Xplane 10, but the problem is with 777 Flightfactor. I would understand how it work the system about the audio for this aircraft. Maybe is better advise also the flightfactor developers.....If someone has found a solution, and he/she have this aircraft inside the simulator, any suggest is appreciate.
  23. No the problem is only with Flightfactor, because Jardesign A320 seems that haven't any problem.
  24. There is another solution: every year, on November, and for this year I think that will be terminated today this event, you can fly one or more routes planned for the Worldflight, a charity event which start and finish every year in Sydney. If you're lucky, you can provide also for ATC service if one or more airport of your vACC are selected as one of the airports selected for this non stop tour around the world. Usually there are routes which have a maximum duration of 4 hours of flight
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