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  1. Hello to everyone, yesterday I wasn't able to fly during CTP due to this problem with Xplane 10 and Xsquawkbox: I decide to fly with B777 Flight factor on Xplane10 and when I was connected, I have activated Audioforvatsim for the connection to the audio system. I know that with AFV is necessary active the radio also on the radio panel, so I activated, as you can see, the radio: But, nothing. the systems seems that wasn't able to recognize that I have actviated the radio. Just for info, on this 777, you can't see the "mic" light active over the microphone selector, only a green light
  2. Hello to everyone, few minutes ago I talked with a staff member of my vACC, which has told me that today it was reached and breaked the last record of VATSIM of simultaneous connections. And this without the CTP, but only with a new codec. I would make a question to everyone, expecially VATSIM staff. Probably this CTP will have more traffics than last years, and today due to the high number of users online, we had everyone some problems of connections with the servers. If these problems will be solved, why not add 2 more airports, 1 in American continent, and 1 in Europe, for the next CTP?
  3. Problem solved. I made an update of all drivers, uninstalled ES and make also a malware scansion to see if it was present something....I'm sure however that it was a problem correlated with the drivers or with an update of Windows. Ready to control again on Milano Radar!
  4. Hello guys, because I was advised that for Euroscope will be necessary use the latest version after the release of AFV, I decide to uninstall the old version and install the new on my PC....however.....i found this bad surprise. It seems something just like if Euroscope have a problem to adapt the full screen mode or something of similar....in any case, with this situation, I'm unable to control online. If someone could give me an help, will be appreciate. I'm coming from a country where VATSIM suffer a lack of users.....
  5. For this Thursday 26 there will be an S2 training in Milan Linate-LIML. IFR and VFR traffic will be appreciated. Cards required on board. After your flight, leave a feedback on vatita website! http://www.vatita.net Charts can be found on ENAV website (free, registation required) https://www.enav.it/sites/public/en/Home.html
  6. Thank you very much,you're reply it was helpful for me!
  7. Hello VATSIM, as ATC usually you can see me online as Milano Radar (LIMM_N_CTR), this because it's the nearest ACC to my home. I was litteraly surprised about the quantity of traffic that I found yesterday. Unluckly, VATSIM in Italy isn't so much popular just like UK or Germany, or US and Canada, but if you read this topic and yesterday between 18:30z and 20z your flight has flew over North Italy, I would told you only this: thanks for your flight, if you want fly again in Italy, your flights will be always appreciated. A special thanks to some pilots of FlyUKvirtual, for their group fligh
  8. Hello VATSIM, this is a very hard question. I have received an email from my vACC, which inside was explaned that in the near future, VATSIM wilI provide to close all VATSIM's API. I was advise that the system used for ATC training in italy, which is TAS Vatsim Scandinavia, after the closure of the VATSIM's API will became not operative. I would know what it means, and which effect should I expect after the closure of the VATSIM's API. Thanks in advance.
  9. Excellent, but with the new audio system, some old clients will be "terminated"?I use Xplane 10, with xsquawkbox, and in september, i will change from this to swift. I would know however, if it's necessary or not for some systems. Happy holidays!
  10. Hello VATSIM users, I have a question to staff members regardingany VATSIM rank for pilots and atc. I have a friend, which is a real pilot, that would join VATSIM. If he will join the network, does VATSIM apply a policy to recognize real licences for pilot and atc's and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign automatically a similar rating for his personal account? Thanks in advance, happy winds to everyone
  11. Hello to everyone, first of all, I would say that I was litteraly surprised from the high number of feedbacks regarding my post on VATSIM FB group, visible here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vatsim/permalink/10161953617970602/ This event was for me, much better than any CTP edition where I had the opportunity to fly (unluckly, my couuntry hasn't won any CTP edition). Except Atlanta Tower, that was affected from connections problems due to his personal low quality internet signal, my flight as FDX3004 was AMAZING. I flew from Orlando, and those elements that has given me an excellent opinio
  12. Yes, under some circomestances, some AIP agencies request a payment if you want the access to their services. Africa is a good example: a lot of Air Navigation Service Provider which can give you the informations, but only after payment. In that situations, Navigraph is much better.
  13. Hello VATSIM pilots and atc's, if someone have problems to find the charts for some airports, this links could help you. There is also a definitions of the colours on the second link, where is possbile give you're personal contribution if you know where is possible find other AIP that aren't reported here. MAP: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1QKKWcCOXYy62CFr8nzpEz6QUVpEMM2Ng&ll=12.502030943398315%2C0&z=2: FORUM DISCUSSION: https://forum.thresholdx.net/topic/324-free-airport-charts-websites/
  14. Happy to see the logo of my virtual airline. Will be an honor for us.
  15. Ordinary routine when Slots are available...luckly for VATSIM pilot, aren't mandatory, but only strongly recommend for maintain your planned time for departure. I hope only to participate to this CTP with the new CODEC.
  16. Seems that VATAME website isn't operative. Who I need to contact for ask informations about ATC coverage over Africa? Expecially for Senegal domestic and oceanic airspace and Subsahrian countires. Thanks in advance from Milano Radar.
  17. Hello Mr. Bartels, I'm an Italian user of VATSIM, if I can suggest a codec, Speex, or maybe Opus (that is much better for quality) are more appropriate than MELP. Also, for a better organization, when I joined VATSIM, it wasn't possible select the vACC, only the division. If every new members could select from this link "https://cert.vatsim.net/vatsimnet/signup.html" their intial vACC/vARTCC, maybe an automatic system for the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignement to a specific vACC is much better than advise with email the division staff about which vACC I want select as new user. Several new users
  18. I would share with you some informations. I'm a C1 controller, today I planned a flight during an event of VATPRC from ZBAA to ZGGG but it was impossible understand the ATC, so I decided to disconnect. Why? Because the current CODEC, the MELP, maybe could be appropriate if you want simulate an HF frequency, but not a VHF frequency. A lot of users doesn't understand what I tell to the other pilots due to this outdated codec, TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE for this network. First Priority of BOG should be to release immediately a better codec, because if I want fly in some areas that I never explored, I
  19. Not happy to see that for another time, Italy wasn't selected. As Italian, I hope to see an Italian Airport for next CTP.
  20. Hello VATSIM, I'm Andrea Mazzoni, CEO of virtuAlitalia, a virtual airline operative with the system of management for virtual airlines vAMSYS. In cooperation with vRYR and vEZY, I'm happy to announce that our airlines will participate during Verona Model Expo Italy 2018, an exposition regarding modelism, cosplay, videogames and more. VATSIM Italy will be present during these days from 17/3 to 18/3 with a full ATC coverage over Padova Area Control Center- for more info, click http://forum.vatita.net/index.php/topic,4990.0.html here. We are the Italian Flag carrier, and with the support of th
  21. Yes I had in the past problem with Euroscope, but not like this. And I made also this checklist,that I used in the past for my problems with Euroscope. Probably a problem with the voice servers... can happen also this. Computer technology isn't perfect, but sometimes we forget this detail.
  22. Hello VATSIM,I would report a strange episod that I find during my last connection as Milano Radar on VATSIM with Euroscope. This is very strange, onestly I didn't remember a similar episode during my carrer as virtual ATC. Yesterday I was online, but for some reason, I wasn't able to listen the pilots with euroscope. But the pilots was able to hear me, and the other pilots, and I know this details because was present a user that has transmitted on twitch his flight from LIMC to EDDM. I think that it was a my problem with the audio or with Euroscope , because the connection was good (i made
  23. XPUIPC and XPWideclient are completely unrelated to XSB and not required - they're used for emulating a inter-process communications interface that was established for Microsoft Flight Simulator - however, XSquawkBox is a native XPlane plugin and does not rely upon any of those features. First of all, please be certain that you are not confusing XSquawkBox with SquawkBox when applying advice from third parties, following installation guides, etc - quite a few people do and this leads to all sorts of confusion. Secondly, as you're using X-Plane 10, please ensure you are using the late
  24. Hello,i use Windows 10 and i have this problem.I copied the folder of Xsquawkbox on XP10 plugins folders,but when XPlane 10 is opened and i would try to open XSquawkbox,i can see over the menu-plugins opition the section dedicated to xsquawkbox,but when i click to connect,the menu for insert the information for start the connection to VATSIM network (with ICAO callsign,VATSIM ID,name....) doesn't appeared.I have installed XPUIPC last version (,but not the XPwideclient.Is this the problem or i need to make something else? Thanks for the reply. Andrea.
  25. Hello everyone!If someone wants flying and discover Italy in Vatsim,is possible flying with a lot of VA's based in Italy.Currently i flying with Milan Airways,an italian virtual airline based in Milano Malpensa-LIMC,and the main airport of Milano,and in Milano Linate-LIML,the secondary airport of Milano.That airline have a big fleet,with regional aircraft,just like the AvroRJ85,medium range,737 and A320 family,and long fleet,from 777 to the A380.we have also a cargo fleet. If someone wants speak also with the other pilots,we have also a forum inside our virtual airline-we have also an APP for
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