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  1. Sorry for bringing this old topic back up, but I just run into the same issue, as I wanted to create a Scenario file in order to test GRP functionalities in order not to have 10 or more real people bothering a few days long in order to test all possible situations on the gates... @Gergely Csernak Can you help us with that? I am on r26. I would like to spawn the planes just before the ILS and then issue them a timed command for cleared for the approach such that they really fly the ILS to the runway . Spawning is no issue, but the timed command in order to use this is. (Sa
  2. It is correct that the order is determined by the sequence you assign the flags (e.g. Push at t1 becomes #1 and the next becomes #2), but if you look at my picture, the St-UP flag was set later than the PUSH flag and it jumped into the sequence before the PUSH, because it seems to have a higher priority. It is a pretty annoying thing if you have 30 a/c on the ground and the sequence continuous to jump like that.
  3. Hello Everyone Since I use r25 there is the possibility to use the Start-Up flag "ST-UP" in the departure list. (Same place as "PUSH", "TAXI" and "DEPA") My problem with it is that it is sorting aircraft, receiving the Start-up flag, to a higher priority than aircraft already pushing. Is that intended or just something which has to be resolved? Because when we use it also as coordination between DEL and GND stations, it messes up the sequence in the list. E.g. if DEL cleares the aircraft he sets the clearance flag. Once the pilot then calls for push, D
  4. If we read everything between lines and start to enterprete it, we would understand "Start a war" between the "lines" of every "I love you". But what it means with "We can't enforce it" is that in real life you would not be give a IFR/Atlantic clearance and if you still do fly, you most probably would be chassed/escorted by a few fighters. In the end it is nearly the same problem for departure/Arrival airfields. As it is to be expected that the capacity of those airports is on the limits at least from time to time, which makes all other traffic (even trans-europe or trans-americ
  5. Just to mention it again. It's not for me specific, as I will be part of the ATC team on arrival station, but to have it discussed for pilots without slot.
  6. For the pilots with booking this is clear. But what about pilots without booking? (I will be controlling, but if we/other pilots don't have this information beforehand, it will become a huge mess due to this added factor and due to the high pilot attendance due to Covid.) Although I know there is the request from Vatsim not to fly transatlantic, if you don't have a slot, but there will be a lot of such traffic, as we know from the last years...
  7. From a VATSIM-ATC perspective in Switzerland, I prefer that there are no SIDs and no STARS are filed. During clearance, I clean the flight plans (route section) in order to prevent problems for the later stations (route preview/tracks shown on the ATC screen). This means I will delete the SIDs and all unnecessary stuff entered in the route section. Saddly, since MSFS2020 this workload increased, because out of some reason sometimes there are also sectors and way too much information entered... Dear pilots: Please do not enter that stuff and check before filing... For si
  8. Jeah sure, but who is in charge for that? Gander? Because they will have to be announced somehow. If pilots will be in charge, it results in chaos and also if its only announced to the pilots with slots the same happens...
  9. Hello everyone I tried to search for information, but didn't find it. How will the NATs be selected this year for the cross the pond? Real life has currently only one or two in use per day and direction.
  10. I use both forms. Depends on state of flight and traffic upcome. I have always VATspy open so I know if I am alone or not. If not: I do not one broadcast. If there is other traffic, I do reports which could be usefull for the other aircraft (i don't report push back if there is only one aircraft decending on the Star, but still far away). For ground movements, i use voice. As soon, as I get to the runway, it depends already. If there is traffic which is flying opposite and to be expected to cross my flught path, or even land on the runway at the time I'd lik
  11. As STARs can be dependent on the runway, depending on airport, it might be that you are getting different STARS every time you fly. Also it depends on your aircraft (and in real life also on the crew), if it is RNAV capable or not. Example Switzerland: LSZH has Runway INdependent STARS, but different RNAV transitions. Thats why we hope you have the RNAV transitions (e.g. GIPOL28 transition --> I think shown as GIP28 on the transition lists in the FMC) already ready for the active Runway (acc. ATIS and DVO-Procedure) E.g. for BLM2G is an RNAV STAR, BLM2Z is
  12. Guys... be patient... I mean I want to get it also as soon as possible, but only if everything is stable... And that's what it takes time to the devs. Let them the time to test everything and to eliminate all the bugs... It won't make it faster when everybody keeps asking if there are any news. I am sure, if there are any news, the devs will tell us.
  13. Hmm okay. Is there a possiblity that you might work together with the developer of ES? I think quite a lot are using vPilot and ES nowadays. It would be really cool to have this working.
  14. Hi How do I propperlly set up the tower view with vPilot v2? I tried it like this: -Euroscope connected as Tower -Proxyserver of ES running -P3D in multyplayer mode as tower. But also as a normal session with custom camera. -vPilot v2 and P3D v3 runned both as admin. -I used the dot-command .towerview in vPilot v2 and it showed me "connected in observer mode" and on top the callsign "TOWER". No further [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignements needed when runned on the same computer, right? But I did not get any traffic showed. (Using WoAI) Not even as the default CRJ-700. What do I do
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