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  1. Hi Aidan, Last Thursday, May 16 2019, I requested the approval of our IP to implement the SSO on our website. In the status it still appears as disabled. There is something else that has to be done? Our website is vatmex.net and we use Wordpress with its respective module for authentication. My name: Rodolfo Sánchez Position: Marketing and Webmaster at VATMEX CID: 1301687 Email: [email protected] // [email protected] // [email protected] IP: Site: vatmex.net Thank you.
  2. Hi Matthew, Im very interested on it. Right now in VATMEX[dot]net we use wordpress but in the register form we ask for the CID to prove they are members or the network. A lot of users enter random numbers o they have CID but no connections to the net yet, so I cant search for them on the stats page. I will contact you via email My email mkt[at]vatmex[dot] net Regards, Rodolfo Sanchez
  3. Im updating the sector of Mexico for Euroscope using SectEd and the oficial Level-D navdata from navigraph 1809/1, so far so good, everything fine BUT, the approach procedures are not imported, just the SID's and STAR's Any idea that could help me?
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