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  1. More "global" standardised technology, to reduce the workload required to run VACCs. There's lots of small areas that are trying to run a full scale operation, but struggle to get websites, email, training docomeentation and various other things get done. In the case of IVAO and POSCON there is (or will be) much more done at a global level, to reduce the workload required by the ACC staff, and improve standardisation across the world.
  2. Hi Alexander, The docomeent Nestor speaks of is ths one: https://docs.google.com/docomeent/d/1uTZdIZPwebRomW-vgGxgz8ba4kAUd3DCjbHZjpnt0Zk/edit?usp=sharing which is what I wrote initially trying to learn to control in Spanish, it's based on the phrase examples from the "official" Spanish ATC guide, with a few more useful things, and less of the very specific things. However, it's in my note format, so very confusing. I've also written this one during my actual controlling with the most used phrases from an ATC persopective (the spelling/grammar in Spanish is rather strange in places, but y
  3. Relations between the two countries have changed quite a bit since 2009; although the official routes still mostly head south out of the area via Macedonia, it is now becoming increasingly common for aircraft in reality to be given directs to shorten that, and in some cases transfer direct from Serbia/Montenegro to Kosovo ATC. The airspace is now also run under a combined VACC, Adria, and as such you'll find often controllers covering the area top-down or directly, and they are more than happy to give directs, or leave your route as-is dependent on how you want to fly it
  4. Interesting; I might try adding that to my docomeentation website!
  5. "Officially", not really, this is according to the Alpha bug-report and chat system, as well as the slack
  6. Things have definitely been happening; There's been significant bug-fixing related to X-Plane and P3D v4 recently
  7. That looks amazing; using charts to make ground layouts without tracing is something i've been trying to do for ages, with little success.
  8. On VATSIM it's hard to get accurate time prediction from pilots, so if somewhat busy it's rather unlikely the atlantic controller will want to give clearance till after departure, as they know that whatever estimates given are unlikely to be near what will actually happen
  9. My single CTP this year showed 2 things: On average, conflicts aren't an issue, unless aircraft don't stick to clearances. I only had to make 2-3 speed/level/route changes during the whole event. The biggest issue was simply inputting all position reports and clearance requests into the spreadsheet, and then actually checking it, all before someone else decides to call up for whatever they want. As a result, I agree with the idea of having separated radio operators and controllers, because the two jobs are effectively nothing alike, and very difficult to do at high speeds required during
  10. We now in Bucharest/Sofia/(Chisinau) are presently using this for internal flights, but also flights destined for roma and milano. This allows us to use these squarks when we run out of our usual 54-- range (normally after about a hour of controllling CTR!) We're trying to get Budapest and the other surronding people to join us, or at least allow overflights to the main zone. This would be more effective than just us, although it is slow buisness dealing with people..... Alex
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