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  1. Hi From the gate and from inside the plane,also I really like to change my callsign?? http://imgur.com/ikCdCiO,w0iMS6a
  2. Hi From the gate and from inside the plane,also I really like to change my callsign?? http://imgur.com/ikCdCiO,w0iMS6a
  3. Everything is on the same PC http://imgur.com/Ok6qMur,lLQACz9
  4. hi You did show me something real I don't have the connect is not on!! Here is the pic thanks http://i.imgur.com/wlNj4GY.jpg
  5. Hi Thanks for all the tips I would like to know how can I change my call sign? because I see that my call sign is not right. When I go to settings I seems that there is no place for that? Any idea Thanks
  6. Hi, I was trying both there is a place where can I post a pic of the screen I have? http://i.imgur.com/dxMB7Ud.jpg So I have connection from Vatsim but I can't complete the rest of that from this video minute 14:09 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVOyA96C3E0
  7. I still get error in chat Failed to created Fscopilot FSinnchat
  8. Hi guys I was trying to start this after the installation. I do this http://vpilot.metacraft.com/Docomeentation.aspx, I don't know how to move on from here Model Matching Rules Explained Creating Your Own Model Matching Rule Set, Connecting to VATSIM and the rest is not even there yet for me. Now also I don't know how to create the Call Sign Prefix Any help is always welcome. I really like to start with this I'm new That will be nice to have some video in order to avoid all this!!!!!!! Thanks
  9. I'm not getting error there is no connection. Thanks
  10. Spanish I'm using vPilot Docomeentation in order to config this. http://vpilot.metacraft.com/Docomeentation.aspx#system-requirements
  11. Hi Ernesto I'm here right know and I did the update Firewall off antivirus off Installation: 1: FS CO-Pilot 2: FS Inn 3: VATSpy Once installed follow these: 1: Make an account and get the activation email: GO to http://vatsim.net/ and click member services and then join now and follow. 2:NOTE THE POSITIONS OF THE BUTTONS ARE SOMETIMES DIFFERENT TO THOSE IN THE TUTORIAL HOWEVER THEY ARE EASY TO FIND (this is the initial connect to vatsim) http://www.mcdu.com/media/swf/tuto1vatsim.htm 3:Configuring Sound (VATSIM Voice and PTT/Push To Talk): While running
  12. Hi guys I'm right here right know and still don't have connection I type my user ID and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word http://vpilot.metacraft.com/Docomeentation.aspx#system-requirements Model Mac-hing UT2 FSX I do everything except In the Default Model section, in the "title" box, enter the name of the model you wish to use if no suitable match is found in any of the installed rule sets. By default, this will be set to "Airbus A321" which is the default white Airbus that comes with FSX. The two buttons to the right of the title box are shortcuts for entering the title of t
  13. Hi Ernesto I got e-mail yesterday that my account was activated so I don't know why the trouble. I also I did this tutorial IVAO_MTL file to extract is not there, where do i download this?? I don't know either one or the other don't work, at the end of the video his account don't work. Please help Thanks
  14. Hi Either if I try in settings from Vpilot and I have to type the CID ? and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word I don't have a connection and if I try from VaTSpy at the moment I have to type the call sign, even if I set the IP according to California and I set my usenr name and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word there is no connection.. http://vpilot.metacraft.com/[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ets/Images/MainWindow.png CONTROL PANEL CALLSIGN??? VATSIM ((( IS GREEN BUT WHEN I CLICK ENTER IS RED)) and that's the end control panel callsing??? http://www.teamslm.com/forum/uploads/post-474-1259995
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