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  1. @Aidan StevensThe datafeed (JSON) seems to be serving outdated data. Screenshot was taken seconds ago, 1833Z
  2. I can guarantee that traffic departing from the EHAA FIR to the UK will "never" have a 1000 SSR. To be honest though, I never check overflights. May I suggest that you ask NATS to join our 1000-club?? 🙂
  3. Hi, On my phone (Android&Chrome, latest update), some users have their names written in a color. However, some of these colors are impossible to read, especially when the screen's brightness is below 70%. Please see the attached screenshot. Would it be possible to change these colors? On the PC however, all names are written in white... Kind regards, Martijn
  4. @Mateusz Zymla The devil is in the details in EH-land. Based on (outdated?) real-life data, only flights departing from EHAM and EHRD can receive 1000, and then only flying to a specific set of airports. However, I am looking for a single-point of truth for this list. For example Germany: based on my list, the only destinations that are valid for 1000 are: 'EDDB', 'EDDF', 'EDDL', 'EDDM', 'EDDP', 'EDDV', 'EDDW'. According to your plugin, all German (ED) destinations seem to be fine. Another example: I understand that Poland has been accepting 1000 since 1 or 2 AIRACs ago. However, I am looking for a good source to verify this. Martijn
  5. Thanks, but I was hoping for a source with more 'authority'. I'll keep looking...
  6. @Andreas Fuchs 837251Where did you find this list? Really useful for Dutch VACC's SSR plugin...
  7. Is there something going wrong with the Charset? Image
  8. To be honest, when I control a CTR position, I never read flight plans, let alone RMKs. However, a simple 'unable' after receiving your arrival route, would trigger me to vector you through my sector. No problem at all. Martijn
  9. If you mean the departure time in your flightplan? It doesn't... This system is only being used during peak hours, and then only two types of time are important: - CTOTs for traffic that actually have one ('the lucky few' during CtP for example) - 'as soon as possible' for all other traffic The departure time in a flightplan would be rather meaningless in those cases. If a pilot really want to depart at a later moment, the controller can enter an RETD manually. The tool will obviously calculate a proper TSAT. And your 'edit question' is the other way around: if the situation on the ground permits it, the controller can (on request of both the pilot and controller) assign an earlier TSAT, including 'now'. The tool will calculate a new RETD. Since the original RETD now becomes available, this may be used by the next flight contacting the Planner. Or he may choose to give (an) earlier RETD(s) to the aircraft that already received one. In the case that the pilot is not ready on time, the controller can either delay him manually, trying to sqeeze him in, or let the tool determine a new RETD. This could mean a very long delay... (as in RL, when you miss your CTOT). My next project will be to introduce specific start-intervals per SID. Yesterday, during the EGLL-EHAM city pair, London asked us to use a 5 minute start-interval for traffic inbound EGLL. However, there was no limit at all regarding traffic on our 6 other departure routes. It would be great to make the planning tool taking these kind of rules into account. However, I need to find a way to make ES tell me the SID belonging to a flight, and I believe that is not possible.
  10. 1. RETD = RETD of last aircraft in sequence for the relevant runway + start-interval (usually 2 minutes) 2. TSAT = RETD - taxitime (And for event traffic with CTOT: RETD = CTOT) Please note that the system is also able to detect suitable gaps in the start sequence, so that it can 'squeeze' flights into those gaps. I also added one improvement after the last edition of CtP, a so called 'CTOT blocking mode': all booked CTOTs are unavailable as RETD for non-booked traffic, even if the booked flight is not online yet. The script will find and use all suitable gaps in the 'CTOT-sequence' for that particular runway. Thus, event pilots have a much higher chance of meeting their CTOT, and non-event pilots know in advance their TSAT. #nodelaysateham Also note that all automation is great, but in the end it is the person using it to assess the situation on the ground before he transfers a pilot to GND for push and start. So, if for some reason too much traffic must wait at a holding point, adjust your plan... The tool is perfectly able to adjust TSATs of one or more aircraft, if needed prioritzing event traffic.
  11. Dutch VACC uses a tool called 'Schiphol Planning Interface' (SPI). It consists of two main parts: a ES plugin, and a PHP backend, running on our webserver. I am the developer of the latter part. SPI has many tasks: gate assignment, TSAT/RETD/CTOT planning, EAT/hold planning, SSR assignment, route checking etc. The TSAT/RETD/CTOT planning works as follows: - Every minute I read the vatsim datafeed - Now I know which aircraft are at EHAM - Now I also know at which gate they are parked, based on lat-lon coordinates - Triggered by the plugin, I can calculate the 'taxi-time' between the gate and the appropriate runway (based on actual Schiphol data) - Using this taxitime, I can build a nice sequence, based on one departure (RETD) every 2/3/4 minutes per runway. - And at the same time I know the start-up time (TSAT) - The system also recognizes booked flights, giving them priority in the sequence. This is especially important if an event uses CTOTs, like Cross The Pond. - Via the plugin, the controller can manually alter TSAT/RETD for one plane or a range, the tool will calculate a new sequence. The plugin adds columns to the departure and arrival list, like GATE, TSAT, RETD etc., as well as offering the controller options to send commands to the backend. Event-admins use a web-based dashboard to configure the tool, for example the start-interval and syncing the database with some event-booking systems. Unfortunately, I don't share any code. Some scripts use personal or even commercial keys for external services, and it would be too much work to 'hide' those. On the other, giving advice is not a problem at all. Kind regards, Martijn
  12. Yes, that one.
  13. May I suggest to switch to Vatsim Connect? Martijn
  14. Hi Max, Perhaps I misinterpret your issue, but in my understanding SUPs don't facilitate the 'how to become an ATC process'. Please contact 'your' VACC for issues regarding the onboarding process. Martijn
  15. No, I really mean hours per position. Like: EHAM_DEL: 20:26 EHAA_W_CTR: 378:39 etc.
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