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  1. Hi Bruno, No, unfortunately not. In the post you are quoting, I try to explain why. Kind regards, Martijn
  2. Prior to entering the CTR. You can find the layout on the proper chart. Martijn
  3. Ofcourse, but some map-study in advance will make the 'surprise' much easier to deal with, in case you are unfamiliar with a particular apprioach. To be honest (but speaking after only 130+ hours on a CTR position), more than 90-95% of all pilots have no troubles understanding the 'after ARTIP...' instructions.
  4. Thankfully, these waypoints are displayed on the EHAM STAR overview. In most cases, we use SPL, SPY or PAM after the IAF. Depending on traffic, we try to issue the 'after IAF waypoint' well in advance. When in doubt, speak up, radar vectors are always an option. Martijn
  5. I didn't mention source control... What would you need (basics only)? - VATSIM data: aircraft type, ades, adep, flight rules, callsign - table with aircraft and their dimensions - table with gates: lat/long, max width, max length, Schengen yes/no, cargo yes/no, GA yes/no, specials (police helicopters etc) And some more advanced: - real life parking positions (Schiphol is kind enough to provide this 24/7), however, they use flightnumbers - tool to translate callsign to flightnumber (paid service) - table with airline specific gates. For example, BAW uses the
  6. Not only that, but gate assignment is just one (small) part of a bigger part. It is simply impossible to 'take out' one specific part. I didn't design the code with this in mind. Besides that, in several places I use personal keys (for example Google Maps), but also commercial keys. It would be hassle to remove them. OTOH: I am always willing to explain how we solved some issues!
  7. Not really, developer here... This page is part of our gate assignment tools. Every minute I read the vatsim data, in order to find flights departing from, or flying to EHAM. Outbounds are easy: I compare the vatsim coordinates with the actual gate coordinates in order do determine the aircraft stand. Inbounds are a bit more complicated. Gate assignement is based on callsign, departure airfield (Schengen...), cargo/pax and aircraft type. First, the script will check if you use a real-life callsign. If so, the real life gate will be assigned, when available and suitable for your aircr
  8. @Aidan StevensThe datafeed (JSON) seems to be serving outdated data. Screenshot was taken seconds ago, 1833Z
  9. I can guarantee that traffic departing from the EHAA FIR to the UK will "never" have a 1000 SSR. To be honest though, I never check overflights. May I suggest that you ask NATS to join our 1000-club?? 🙂
  10. Hi, On my phone (Android&Chrome, latest update), some users have their names written in a color. However, some of these colors are impossible to read, especially when the screen's brightness is below 70%. Please see the attached screenshot. Would it be possible to change these colors? On the PC however, all names are written in white... Kind regards, Martijn
  11. @Mateusz Zymla The devil is in the details in EH-land. Based on (outdated?) real-life data, only flights departing from EHAM and EHRD can receive 1000, and then only flying to a specific set of airports. However, I am looking for a single-point of truth for this list. For example Germany: based on my list, the only destinations that are valid for 1000 are: 'EDDB', 'EDDF', 'EDDL', 'EDDM', 'EDDP', 'EDDV', 'EDDW'. According to your plugin, all German (ED) destinations seem to be fine. Another example: I understand that Poland has been accepting 1000 since 1 or 2 AIRACs ago. Ho
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