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  1. Yep http://smages.com/i/f3/b5/f3b5692764f2acb2baf5c40c3fb57f73.jpg And its allways busy(internet) when connected.
  2. Hello, A lot of my VATRUS colleagues had a problem with Euroscope: when connecting to VATSIM there is a loading of the Internet channel on 15 kb/s. It causes problems with communication. Anybody observed that? Thanks a lot Regards, Konstantin.
  3. Terry, We have FSS station around Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc). So please anounce date of flights at http://vatrus.net.ru/forums. Regards, Konstantin
  4. Good Luck Martin, Thanks for all! Regards Konstantin
  5. And at the End Interview from most Popular TV Channel about VATSIM http://www.avsim.ru/files.phtml?action=dow...mp;hl=%CD%D2%C2 And Here is video from Interview, but only in russian language PS Good news, We are Glad to To announce, that at 26th of April will be New Big VATRUS Fly-in. Other Info Later PSPS I hope that it will be interesting to you to look this report Best Regards Konstantin
  6. Talking with Sponsors and Partners Everyone listen In work View from TOWER
  7. And Next Fly-in "Christmas is coming from the sky" at 17th December 2005 Working Place of ATC Alex with guests of fly-in Presentation.... People is talking, Albert Slovak, Yuri Kirsanov, Pavel Osipov
  8. Our VATRUS Team And The Red Square at evening after Fly-In
  9. Sergey Alexeev, now he is a student-pilot of Ulyanovsk Higher Aviation University Civil Aviation Guest from St.Petersbourg, ULLL Fir Chief, Sergey Sumarokov Victor Rudnoff, UUEE_GND Konstantin Myachin at Moscow Approach
  10. Hello Guys Let me show some pictures from our great fly-ins The First One This Fly-in "Victory Day" was at 7th May 2005, When was 50 years Anniversary from a victory over WWII. Lets Start Domodedovo(UUDD) ATC Staff Sheremetyevo(UUEE) ATC Staff Minsk and etc CTR Samara Control
  11. http://www.avsim.ru/files.phtml?action=download&id=5404 Here is the video about our flyin from most popular Russian TV Channel
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