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  1. I have been getting this for a couple weeks. Can't get it to transmit voice. Any idea what's going on? I've uninstalled and reinstalled, tried everything.
  2. Found the fix for Windows10: Need to download copies of mswinsck.ocx, msflxgrd.ocx & comdlg32.ocx. Put a copy of each in the file location \Windows\syswow64 and also put a copy in the folder where TRWTrainer resides. open a cmd window as administrator. Type: cd \windows\syswow64 Type: regsvr32 filename.ocx where filename = each of the above files, one at a time. Chuck Messina CID 1303148 ZOB - DATM
  3. I'm getting the same error running windows 10. I tried the above fix and got no joy. I downloaded the mswinsck.ocx file from a third party site, it does not reside on my system anywhere. I found some instructions that said to stick it in \windows\system32 which I did. But then it said to register it by pulling up a cmd prompt and typing "regsvr32 -u mswinsck.ocx" then "regsvr32 mswinsck.ocx". After doing that, I got an error that said it may not be compatible with a 64bit system. Any thoughts on how to address this further? I've kind of hit a wall here. Chuck Messina CID
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