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  1. I totally forgot about this post! Thanks all for the information. I'll probably have to bother SENEAM with an information request hahaha. Thanks
  2. Great! About the magnetic variation just wanted to make a note, I'm doing that for TMA positions as you mention but. if you look at the second screenshot the BRL is reading 084/266 instead of 084/264 because it's correcting for the magnetic variation for the two points, tbh i'm not sure how that works. 2. I'll stick to that for now, my worry is that maintaining changes across different variants just for the color is gonna get a little messy, plus I'd like it to get add to the default install if possible and that makes it hard with 3 different versions.
  3. Hi Vatsys Team, Instead of flooding you with posts, I'm starting a Megathread for are feature requests and bug reports. Feature Requests: 1.- Reverse Course/Heading on Bearing and Range As seen in the real radar (at least TopSky) it'd be awesome to have reverse course to a position from an anchor. Attaching image for reference. The real one also does correction for the magnetic variation but I don't know how feasible that is. Status: Unanswered 2.- Easy color variations and switching In our real ATC displays the controllers have 3 posibl
  4. Oh! I missed that one! Who was him? There's also Musical Aviator JST20
  5. VATSYS Present in WorldFlight 2020 I was crazy enough to try it on Tuesday! And it did pretty good managing the eastbound departures out of Mexico Center. Still some things to figure out and some work left on the sector, but we are about to be really for full release on Mexico Division (Accepting visitors!). BONUS: Extra points for spotting the streamer.
  6. Sorry, crazy times preparing for Wordlflight and another huge Mexico events (BTW Vatsys was present, I was crazy enought to provide atc with that). So I come back.. and .... I cannot get it to crash anymore! Even disconnecting devices while on use. I just cannot get it to crash! If I manage to get a crash i'll do that for sure, but for now... probably fixed? Cheers!
  7. Hi everyone, Does anyone now a way to hide the tags from aircraft outside our controlled sectors? (Picture for reference) Cheers
  8. Tested further and I agree, sometimes it crashes without waiting long though its way more likely to happen if I take my time. Unfortunately tho it happens with all my headsets (just on plugged at a time). Plantronics 3210 USB, Plantronics 4210 (Bluetooth and Plantronics own dongle) and Logitech G433 (USB).
  9. It's still crashes. When I spent some time selecting the device sometimes when select something from the list Vatsys will hang for 5-10 seconds and then it will crash. I've noticed it happens the most when selecting Headset. (Attached my version)
  10. As a note, something similar in australia that doesn't crash the sector is. <SID Name="ONAG1A" Airport="YMLT" Runways="14R,32L"> <Route Runway="14R">ONAGI</Route> <Route Runway="32L">ONAGI</Route> </SID> So i'm really lost.
  11. I'll do as soon as my sectors stops crashing Vatsys 😞
  12. Hi, Any idea why this is crashing? In MMMX both parallels runways share the APN7A departure. But if I try to add that to airspace.xml I get a crash "Sequence contains more than one matching element. <SID Name="APN7A" Airport="MMMX" Runways="05L,05R"> <Route Runway="05L">APN</Route> <Route Runway="05R">APN</Route> </SID> Cheers
  13. Hi! I think there's a bug in the Audio Settings Dialog since it will crash the whole thing if I stay on it for too long (30> secs). Available to help debug (I have a long list of devices if that's a factor) Cheers
  14. Hey Everyone! So for the last 2 months or so I've been really into developing our new sector with Vatsys, it's been quite a journey with questions, answers that lead to more question, etc. You know the drill, which takes me to today's question. So last week I finally tracked down everysingle Radar Station in Mexico so it can be properly simulated on Vatsys (Thanks again to @Jake Sawfor properly simulating radar types and it's returns!). When I was finally done I noticed something interesting... Most of Mexico's airspace only has MSSR coverage, something which is now properly simulate
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