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  1. So many devs use the old data-feed still. Turning it off is unreal. Many devs will now have to spend many hours to make their product compatible. Whereas, VATSIM could push the data in the old format as well as the new surely?!
  2. Hello all, Just a suggestion to the CTP planning team. At the beginning of this year, we had CTP Westbound, with Heathrow being one of the departure airports. The difference this year compared to others is that some CTOT's were only 1 minute apart, with a/c being on the same SID, that requires 2 mins departure separation, it is impossible to depart a/c in accordance with their CTOT. Although we have +10/5 for CTOT's, that still put us behind and it becomes an impossible task to recover from there. I understand the CTOT's are [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned for NAT track separation, but ca
  3. I agree, that if used correctly CTOT's are the best flow management technique. A ES plugin would be good that would auto populate the CTOT and TSAT column. Also, a system that [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igns a CTOT to NET (Non-event traffic) too.
  4. Controlling Manchester Ground on a a quiet Saturday Morning. (EGCC_GND) Removed
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