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  1. Thanks for your answers. I've discovered something weird. Let's start from that I'm from Poland and this check was on GERMANY-2 server. I've heard Germans and Dutch radars very clearly, without any cuts. But on Scandinavian's radars like ESOS or ENOS there was the same what before. Cuts, cuts, cuts. Now for me it's really wierd and I have no idea what to do.
  2. Hello guys. I have a problem. Since 1 month, my vpilot hasn't work properly. All transmisions on all freq are broken. I can catch only a few instructions from controller and I always have to switch to text messages. I've reinstalled vpilot a several times, switching between GERMAN and CZECH servers and nothing happend . Even that, I've reinstalled my all P3D (v. 3.4). Have you got any suggestions what kind of problem it is? I think that it is not depend of my Internet Service Provider, because I have the same conditions from 2 years, and the speed of the internet is the same.
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