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  1. Hi @Ilya Pyankov, That error is caused when an organisation is not active. If you just signed up your organisation will still be pending approval. Please ensure that you've met the requirements that we're displayed when you created the organisation. Once these requirements have been met, the VATSIM IT department can process your organisation. If you have any issues don't hesitate to drop a reply here or get in contact with the web team or myself via email. Hope this helps Regards
  2. Hi All, The error when deselecting scopes has been fixed. Additionally, 9 accounts now have unique names and emails while the last two remain unchanged. The github documentation will be updated accordingly. If you have any issues let me know. Cheers
  3. @Daniel Lange Thanks for pointing that out! I'll get it fixed this evening. Cheers
  4. Hi Guys, @Mike Welten We could facilitate Active/Inactive, Reg Date and suspended (Should be their rating, I'll investigate the demo account). For information pertaining to time online etc.. I invite you to take a look at the new VATSIM API here. @Calum Towers Reg date can certainly be added, I'll add it to the list. @Blake Nahin I'll investigate the issue and get back to you. @Daniel Lange I'll change the emails on the dev accounts to facilitate using emails as the unique key. Thanks for your feedback on Connect, I'll get back to you all ASAP. Cheers
  5. Hi @Wildan Gunawan, The authorisation page has been updated to utilise the display name of the organisation. Additionally, the issue with the checkboxes has been rectified. If you have any further issues just let us know, Cheers Harrison
  6. Hi Tiago, Thank you very much for your integration of VATSIM Connect. We'll give it a test and look at adding it to the integrations list. Cheers Harrison
  7. Hi @Wildan Gunawan, The changes are live within the development environment, let me know if you have any issues. I'd expect them to be in production this evening. Cheers
  8. Hi @Wildan Gunawan, It should definitely should return the scopes. I'll look into the issue this evening and let you know in this thread when the issue has been rectified. Cheers Harrison
  9. Hi Sebastian, Thanks for bringing this up. The demo accounts are for use within the demo environment which is located at http://auth-dev.vatsim.net To get a set of OAuth credentials, login with any of the demo accounts listed in the documentation and click view "VATSIM Connect Demo" then OAuth. When making requests, utilise http://auth-dev.vatsim.net in place of https://auth.vatsim.net. If you have any issues let us know. Cheers Harrison
  10. Hey Mate, For the current SSO make sure you select OAuth 1.0, all the other details you should have through CERT. Cheers
  11. Hi George, A little bit late here but how did you go getting Laravel and SSO to work? Cheers
  12. Hi Kieran, Sorry I did not see your pull request up there. I have just pushed your fix on our side and it works perfectly! Thanks for your help! Cheers Harrison
  13. Hi Callum, Thanks for your response. We are using IPB v4.2.8 and Anthony's Repo located here.
  14. Hi Anthony, Sorry to bring up an old post. VATSIM Australia Pacific is currently in the process of migrating to IPB from SMF and are wishing to use the SSO integration that you have made. We have ran into a few roadblocks in regards to compatibility, just wondering if there is an update for IPB v4.2.8 or a version greater than v4.0.6.1. Kind Regards
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