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  1. @Martin Loxbo I've heard about it but never actually tried it, will look into it too. Thank you so much!
  2. @Bernardo Reis that's awesome! I'll reach out to him to gather more information around it. Thanks a lot!
  3. Hey all, I'm looking to develop an Euroscope plugin to support multiple SSR ranges assignment. This means that once you click on automatically generate SSR it would evaluate the FIR in which you are controlling and the arrival airport (those two rules are the ones we have here in Argentina). Is there something similar already developed? Can someone provide some help here? Thank you so much in advance!
  4. Oh, that's a great point. Thank you so much Jake!
  5. FYI I was trying something like this when I got this error <Point>-335435.34+582747.25/-335957.99+582402.000/-335435.34+582747.25</Point>
  6. Hey! I'm trying to manually convert our sectorfile from Euroscope to VATSys XML files. We currently have these type of coordinates for sectors, waypoints and almost everything: TMABaires S033.54.35.343 W058.27.47.257 S033.59.57.998 W058.24.02.000 But I'm having a hard time trying to convert them to what VATSys expects. Any advice here? Thank you so much in advance!
  7. @Jake Saw awesome, I'll give it a try and let you know. @John Golin yeah I was expecting the same, kind of Euroscope's situation. They don't support it but people have tried with some type of compatibility layer like Wine and it seems to work. Thank you again guys! Will probably reach out again in a few weeks.
  8. Hey @Jake Saw! Thank you for this amazing work. We are opening our horizonts to new ATC clients for VATSIM Argentina. Following that direction, I would like to ask you some things that I couldn't find in the documentation; 1. Is it possible to launch and handle a sweatbox session? 2. How does the SSR assignment work? In our case depending on the FIR we have 3 ranges of SSRs (national, international and VFR). Would it work or should we develop something custom? 3. Has someone tried it on MacOS? I'll probably have more questions as we start to using and set
  9. Estimados: Abrimos nuevamente la convocatoria a aquellos que quieran incorpor[Mod - Happy Thoughts] al Comando Elite CTA de VATSUR. Este Comando tiene como objetivo brindar soporte y control en los eventos de VATSUR y de aquellas FIRs que requieran del mismo. Requisitos: • Rango S2 o superior con referencias (Jefe de País, Contacto de Entrenamiento y/o un Controlador Veterano de este) • Aprobar exitósamente chequeo teórico-práctico • Fluidez en idioma Inglés • Buenos términos con VATSIM y VATSUR • Deseo de controlar en lugares desconocidos • Experiencia en situaciones con alta af
  10. (Sorry for the format, they are from the .ESE file) SAEF_N_CTR COORD:S034.10.76.000:W064.33.05.000 COORD:S034.50.44.000:W059.41.01.000 COORD:S034.35.14.000:W059.36.68.000 COORD:S034.13.39.000:W059.26.58.000 COORD:S034.03.76.000:W059.09.03.000 COORD:S033.58.60.000:W058.56.71.000 COORD:S033.55.47.000:W058.43.24.000 COORD:S033.54.83.000:W058.34.56.000 COORD:S033.54.56.000:W058.27.95.000 COORD:S033.50.37.000:W058.30.91.000 COORD:S033.01.69.000:W058.24.06.000 COORD:S030.42.22.000:W057.45.05.000 COORD:S030.13.23.000:W060.12.20.000 COORD:S030.55.16.000:W060.45.07.000 COORD:S030.59.
  11. Sure, splitting up is no problem. Whether VATSpy detects the sub-sectors is another thing and depends on the actually used callsign. Something like XYZ_N_CTR won't be recognized (e. g. not highlighted in blue), XYZ-N or XYZN will work... known issue. Oh... and would it be too much work? I also have the coords but I never thought it could be possible to do it!
  12. Thank you so so so much! You are a genius. And let me ask you something; is it possible to split a FIR and show N and S separately if they are connected, but show all the fir if _CTR is online?
  13. Hi Javier, please feel free to send me the TMA coordinates (+ names) and I'll see what I can do. Thanks! Hey! Sorry por the late answer, I didn't suscribe to the post so I didn't receive the email. Here they go: SACO_CTR: S030.23.43.200 W064.12.10.800 S030.24.32.859 W064.23.15.217 S030.24.32.859 W064.23.15.217 S030.27.00.368 W064.34.00.003 S030.27.00.368 W064.34.00.003 S030.31.01.365 W064.44.06.059 S030.31.01.365 W064.44.06.059 S030.36.28.712 W064.53.15.341 S030.36.28.712 W064.53.15.341 S030.43.12.689 W065.01.11.368 S030.43.12.689 W065.01.11.368 S030.51.01.268 W065.
  14. Hey mate! Here in Argentina there are 4 TMA's that aren't being shown because their callsign ends with _CTR and they are not in the firboundaries.dat. I do have their coords, I could send them to you. I tried to do it by myself but I failed and they are really important cause people don't know that those controllers are connected. Thank you so much!
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