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  1. Hi, is there any chance that an option to have a changeable transition level could be added to vATIS? This could be, for example, a dropdown menu in the main vATIS window allowing you to easily change the TL, or perhaps even an automatic TL functionality where the plugin automatically changes the TL in the program using a previously configured table of QNH values and corresponding TLs. This would be really helpful for divisions in countries where the TL changes depending on the current QNH or altimeter, like much of Europe (and I believe on a broader level, most places following ICAO procedure
  2. Assuming you're an OBS (i.e. you've had no ATC training yet), you can change your region and division here.
  3. As a straight, non-LGBT+ member of the VATSIM community, I stand with the concerns of Adi, Alexandra, and the other LGBT+ members of our community who have expressed their views here. I believe that even if it may be impossible, at least in our lifetimes, to reach a world of full tolerance and inclusivity, we should make every effort that we reasonably can to pursue that goal. I don't mean to speak on behalf of the LGBT+ members who have responded here, or the LGBT+ members of the VATSIM community on a broader scale. I am an ally, and I cannot and will not speak for the experiences of the
  4. I'm having a weird issue with my vATIS connections. This is a bit of a long story, but here goes... I'm currently on BIKF_APP. I was fiddling with my ATIS settings for BIKF (at the time I was on Info A), when suddenly vATIS crashed (as in, an error message popped up saying "This program has stopped working"). After I tried to restart vATIS and connect my ATIS again, while I could connect to VATSIM without any errors popping up, I noticed that the TX indicator on the top right of the vATIS window wasn't lighting up. However, when I tuned my own ATIS frequency (128.300) in the
  5. But is context not relevant? If you've got dozens of planes to handle in your airspace and someone logs on without contacting you and starts slewing all over or interfering with traffic flow, then yes, if they don't make contact and ignore you a quick DC is warranted. But if your airspace is quiet (say, you're on Gander Radio at midnight with 5 planes in your airspace) and a long haul pilot at FL380, well out of the way of any traffic, doesn't contact you or respond within five minutes of entering your airspace and/or you logging on, is it really justified to boot them off straight away?
  6. For Cross the Pond, there are a set of 'slots' between the various official departure and arrival airfields that are made available for pilots to book before the event. Basically, you book the slot, they give you a scheduled take-off time and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned route which you adhere to (the former is given to you when you first book the slot, the latter approx. 24h before the event). This year, slot bookings opened on 31 Mar; most are gone by now (in fact, most are gone a few hours after the bookings open), although you may be able to snatch one up until 24h before the event, when th
  7. Absolutely! I'm certainly taking my Concorde for a spin on CTP day - all my CTPs (bar one) have been with Ol' Pointy. I will be departing earlier though (hopefully 12-13z) to arrive around 16-17z due to my timezone (16z is midnight my time, i.e. UTC+8; I can't really stay up till 4an). My advice is to load as much fuel as possible - for CTP, I always load a full 95T of fuel - and not to load too many pax or too much cargo (you decide how much you want/how much margin you want). You will need to be wary of fuel consumption on the runway - there will be a LOT of traffic, so you may have to s
  8. From the Ugandan Knuckles event at HUEN... Memes were had. Also, this is old, but... after 15 seconds laughing... here comes the pilot, 150% confident of himself... another 15 seconds laughing... That sounds suspiciously like something that happened on a stream of Matt Davies controlling LON_CTR (not on CTP either). Same dialogue too, to a tee. You sure that anecdote's yours, Nestor?
  9. Don't panic, you did fine! Sadly, VATSIM's voice quality isn't too good right now because of its outdated codec (which is being replaced soon I hear, so that's good). It's entirely normal not to catch what people are saying - it happens in real life too! If you can't hear ATC, ask them to send the message over text. There's no harm in doing so and most all controllers will be happy to do so, especially if you mark down that you're a newbie in your remarks (in which case most controllers would give you a wide birth and be more forgiving regardless). P/S: [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming
  10. I agree - some sort of central database for airspace sector maps would help a lot in keeping track of everything and keeping sector files up to date.
  11. So what is everyone so exited about? Is P3D that good that it's worth starting over again with everything? P3D v4 is coming with 64 bit, dynamic lighting, LOD tweaks... It's light years ahead of v3.
  12. I'm not sure I understand what you mean. The P1 training doesn't include mentors at all - it's the most basic level of training. It's intended to teach someone with no knowledge of ATC procedure or good online practice the most basic and important information that they need to know to fly online. Perhaps you're mistaking the P1 with the P2 or anything else? By the way, it's been discussed earlier in the thread that a 'mandatory P1' isn't really what we're going for -all we want is a mere short multiple choice (or even yes/no) question quiz that pilots take about basic online etiquette (e.g
  13. Interesting docomeent. Most of the terminology looks good, but there are some issues - 1. It's not good practice to say things such as 'good day'. On a busy frequency it'll just clog up the voice channel. On a less busy frequency it'd be okay, but best to start good habits right from the outset. 2. Not all terminal control frequencies are '(airport name) approach (or departure)' - depending on the region you're flying to, the latter part of the callsign could be, say, 'Director' or 'Arrival' (or even 'Control' in a few cases). Neither is the airport name always the first part of the ca
  14. This depends on the airport. You should check the charts for the airport for definitive information on the specific procedure and what exactly to do - sometimes the nav data in your FMS can have mistakes in it (e.g. missing or incorrect alt restrictions, wrong routings, etc.) so you should get into the habit of using the charts to cross check your FMS data.
  15. Personally, I would suggest the use of the (relatively new) vPilot AI model pack available here (you will need to register to access the files and download it) - it contains plenty of high-quality freeware models as well as custom VMR files for high-accuracy model matching. It comes with installation instructions too. (And before you ask, the author has asked for permission to use every model that is included in the pack).
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