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  1. Have the yellow ID on the online planes but see no planes when they move. Just the ID. Thanks
  2. Arthur Jones

    No Voice

    Connected to Vatsim but no voice on any freq. On the right freq. Using xPilot on X Plane
  3. X Plane xPilot no error messages
  4. Cannot see other aircraft moving about on the airport. Nothing. Thanks
  5. It was a firewall problem. Working now. Thanks
  6. 11.41(Build 114100 64 bit)
  7. Bottom of X Plane/Network has Reset Networking Configuration on left side and Done on right side?
  8. You suggested in one of your post to insure that the radio button on the Network Tab be set to receive incoming traffic. There is no radio button at the bottom at the page.
  9. I read that doc and it didn't seem to help. I started at a gate. I started one software and then the other.
  10. Things that I have checked: x Pilot is in the root file of X Plane. I do not have a Flight Plan entered in x Pilot. I have tried starting both first. I have another copy of X Plane on this computer but no x Pilot in that one.
  11. "xPilot is unable to connect to X-Plane. Please make sure X-Plane is running and a flight plan is loaded" Prior to that I received a message "Waiting for X-Plane connection" Help is needed please.
  12. I updated Xsquakbox and downloaded the audio file. How do I start it? Thanks
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