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  1. Josh touched on this, but chect the controller info first. In vPilot you can double-click the callsign. I know that, at least for the UK, it usually includes the callsign in the first line.
  2. Yep, exactly right. While some situations might not allow for a good first experience with ATC help, most of the time you're not too busy to provide a service and the pilots are more than happy to receive the help.
  3. Really enjoyed this. Completely agree that this is how it should be done. It is not always possible to offer this kind of help, sometimes due to workload, sometimes because of the pilot not asking when not sure and taking suggestions on board like this one did. However, I find it really rewarding to get a pilot that might be afraid of ATC and show them that we're all here to help and have fun.
  4. I'm quite happy with these last few posts as we seem to have reached a consensus on not restricting /t but promoting /v instead. There were some points I didn't agree with in relation to the survey I mentioned. I think they mostly stem off of this post by Brad: Now, some other people have replied to this already, so I'll keep it short: While care must be taken when sending out such a survey, I don't think it implies that users would have to label themselves as something like that. I really don't see a general problem with asking text pilots their reasons for using text (although I
  5. Nicholas, I see you're pushing for this "checkbox" option and while I understand the idea I think it isn't a good solution. The reason is that people might want to switch from /v to /t semi-frequently (e.g a flight while others in the house are sleeping). You've addressed this in the last post, saying that they could check the box when needed. However, if that's the case, what's the difference from filing /t? If you think you need /t, you file /t. IMO, with the checkbox, all that changes is that you now check the box and then file /t. I think there is no need to restrict /t at all. I thi
  6. Needing to specifically request /t, in my opinion, is something that makes users who legitimately need /t feel rejected. The reason is that is shifts the perspective from "Using text is bad, but suuuuure, we'll have to do it for you I guess" to "Hey, if you don't need /t, consider /r or /v!". Besides, there are cases where a member normally using /v would use /t. Would they need to change their account constantly? This is why I approach the issue differently. First of all we have to realise we shouldn't restrict any users that want to use /t from using it, for whatever reason, even if it
  7. In my opinion, all the advantaged obtained by restricting /t would also be gained by encouraging the use of /v. We don't need people sending medical data to get special permission to use /t and a complex system to detect people using it without a license. (Though I guess SUPs would get to say "Oi! I'm a VATSIM Supervisor. Do you have a loicense for that??") I think the way of encouraging voice could be quite simple. On the new prefile page at myVATSIM, just add a small message saying "Use of /t is discouraged if the member is able to use /r or /v" (something like that) if the user selects
  8. I believe the freq won't be 'written' to the aircraft; as using dot commands is more intended for cases where vPilot can't detect the frequency on the aircraft, so writing it in that case wouldn't be very successful. I don't think you can directly switch via the ATC list, though.
  9. Not sure why you can't switch in-aircraft, but as you say, there's a way to do it in vPilot. It's using the dot command .com1 FREQUENCY. You can also use .com 1 (notice the space) to enable the radio if that isn't being detected either.
  10. Emmanuel, my experience with ES on Wine is that most things should work except audio - as you need a 32 bit libpulse package. Look up the actual name for this package on your distro and install it. For example, in Arch Linux this is done by typing: sudo pacman -S lib32-libpulse Other plugins might need other dependencies - the best way to find this out is by opening up ES on a terminal (type wine Euroscope.exe) and seeing the errors it's reporting. For example, when loading the UK Controller Plugin, these errors are thrown out: 0009:err:module:load_so_dll failed to load .so lib "/us
  11. Just to note, this is intended behaviour and is found in other voice communication programs such as Skype. You can turn this off by going to Settings > Windows Settings > Turn off 'Minimize to tray'
  12. I agree with the recommendation for EGCC. It's a medium sized airfield so it also gives you a feel for longer taxi routes, runway crossings, and other things that you wouldn't do at a really small airport. Also I control there, so that's a plus!!!! 😂
  13. I really like this trailer. In my opinion, it's the best introduction to VATSIM available; it doesn't just focus on the aspect of getting realistic ATC as it also talks about the community aspect, free pilot training, etc.
  14. Hi! Welcome to VATSIM! When there is a lack of controllers, ATC works in a 'top-down' system. Think of it as CTR > APP > TWR > GND > DEL. If, as you say, there is only an APP controller (arrival/departure), they would control their position, APP, but also they would cover 'top-down' the TWR, GND and DEL positions. If you're in the ground at Manchester Airport, EGCC, and you only see EGCC_S_APP connected, which is the APP controller for Manchester, you can tune their frequency to get clearance and all other services that TWR, GND, and DEL would provide. EDIT: Seems
  15. It's so good hearing these stories! I think it's great if you found the ATC friendly in your first flight. For me it's important to be friendly to newcomers for this reason; otherwise, why would they come back? And yes, the jitters go away...
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