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  1. Even after removing all the DCT its still to long, and even when i removed the coordinates for when i flew over the atlantic. It was still to long :/
  2. I dont know why there is a character limitation in a FLIGHT PLAN, but please tell me this is planned to be either removed competently or at least changed... Am doing DOH-ORD and this is my flightplan: ALVEN P430 ALTOM DCT MIDSI R659 SYZ P574 SAV L124 ZAJ UR654 MAGRI N77 ADANO N82 LAPTO A234 SORLU R11 BUTRI N39 TE B231 UK L169 TU R58 NOTAR P855 TLL DCT EXUPA DCT EPAXU DCT ROGTU DCT NETAV DCT ROBRO DCT TABEV DCT 67N000E 68N010W 68N020W 67N030W DCT ASTAN DCT 63N050W DCT MAXAR DCT MUSLO N862A LOPVI DCT VP DCT GL DCT YMO DCT YYU DCT SSM WYNDE9 And apparently its too long for Swift..
  3. we can roll out power going out, now i do tend to set both the radios in the plane to the same freq... so that might be the issue, ill report back soon, since am about to do a flight and if there is any ATC online on my route, ill try and do some com check with them
  4. [] Push to talk state changed: True [] Requesting controller info: EDDF_TWR [] Voice URL received from EDDF_TWR: voice1.vatsim-germany.org/eddf_twr [] Controller info received: EDDF_TWR [] Voice URL received: EDDF_TWR voice1.vatsim-germany.org/eddf_twr [] Setting TX for COM1 to False [] Push to talk state changed: False that is one example of it happening, it kept happening as well on my flight today when i was trying to communicate with Norway control :/ i would try and see if it works better at
  5. forgot to mention in the main post, i have tried using a keyboard button as PTT, keeps happening, right now i dont have the issue on VATSIM (flying from Frankfurt to Manchester), but its just a matter of time before the issue comes back, i dont know if its the PTT button i have that requires me to press it harder, or something causing Vpilot to stop transmitting my voice :/
  6. Joystick which is called Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog both stick and thrusters.
  7. Hello dear vatsim folks Recently i have had this very annoying issue with Vpilot, its fairly simple, most of the times when i push down my PTT button Vpilot lets me transmit my message just fine, but then i get alot of times when i push my PTT button and 5 seconds later Vpilot stops the transmission, even when am holding down the PTT button and speaking, i have ran Vpilot as admin, as well as FSX steam, nothing, i have changed the USB port, same thing, i have tried to change my PTT button, no change, am in the proccess of finding out if my Anti virus is fucking with Vpilot, so ill get bac
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