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  1. Is there an update on the actual date when the old service will be terminated? There's just one week left to March 1st but I think some important tools are still missing JSON compatibility.
  2. The API documentation has now become accessible for me as well; there was just nothing served under that URL yesterday. I understand that the old format was inconvenient to parse and did not offer any way for safe extension without breaking all sorts of clients in very weird ways (as seen while the format version number had been incremented from 8 to 9 without any major changes earlier this year). Providing the data in a JSON format, even keeping clients a (limited) choice of the format they want to fetch, clearly is a great improvement and absolutely the right way to go. I am just not
  3. Many thanks for the update, always good to hear what's going on behind the scenes. 🙂 Unfortunately that link does not work for me - api.vatsim.dev cannot be resolved; is it actually a registered domain or just an internal link for the development team? Edit: Sorry, haven't seen generic error messages in Chrome for a while and I'm obviously too tired after work. 😅 The link still doesn't work but it's actually just a plain 404, not a DNS issue which also means it should actually not be accessible to anybody else... I am a bit surprised by the decision to shut the old service
  4. I was the second controller who came online and actually tried everything including a reboot of my PC but it did not help. The controller who first logged in using the same callsign (EDDT_GND) and switched to tower (EDDT_TWR) before I even tried to log in as EDDT_GND for the first time appeared to still use and block the old callsign on AFV (but no longer on FSD) servers. The issue resolved when he restarted his AFV client. I could not do anything about it on my side.
  5. Although the thread is rather old and occurred for a pilot connection I think it may be the same issue I had today... One controller logged in as EDDT_GND in EuroScope and connected to AFV using the standalone client. He then changed position to EDDT_TWR but somehow managed to remain connected to AFV as EDDT_GND. When I logged in he still blocked the AFV connection, resulting in the same message as shown above: It took us ~20 minutes to figure out that he was online under two different callsigns at the same time (EuroScope as TWR, AFV as GND) and had to disconnect/close and reconn
  6. Actually I am still using the AFV standalone client with swift (so it's the same as with Euroscope) because I had some audio volume issues with swift 0.9.3 (already reported; workaround: check the "disable audio" options on the launcher and use the standalone client). I remember that I got disconnected two times when I was just lifting my finger from the PTT button, so I would [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume those disconnects happened while I was still transmitting. I am quite sure it also happened without PTT being pressed during disconnect but in that case it might have carried over some bad s
  7. Almost every time I get disconnected from AFV using the standalone client and reconnect without restarting the application in between, I end up with an open mic once reconnected. It does not seem to matter if the disconnect happened while PTT was pressed. TX is not highlighted and RX works fine nevertheless (should have been suppressed while having an open mic since I am transmitting), so I have no indication that my microphone is actually open. Pressing PTT does not solve the situation. The only way to get rid of the open mic is to exit and restart the standalone client. Did anyone else e
  8. I got disconnect about 7 times in a row this afternoon while in London airspace (9 Feb 2020 around 1640z). I know there were issues with AFV service earlier today but I don't think other pilots got disconnected around the time in such manner. My system was under very high load at that moment - could it be that the AFV Standalone Client is sensitive to CPU cycles getting sp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]? I could still transmit and receive with no hearable issues but 2 times I got disconnected at the exact moment I was lifting my finger from the PTT button, so that may be a condition somehow related
  9. If you are an X-Plane user you surely are well aware of the recent discussions about time dilation (simulation rate slow-downs) and the effects it has to other users when flying online. Over the past weeks, you've most-likely have read about or even experienced disconnects first-hand due to low frame rate detection introduced to experimental pilot client releases. During the discussions that happened on the VACC Germany forum, Andreas Fuchs asked if it wouldn't be better to simply observe the effects by altered ground speed instead of relying on frame rate measurements. Over the past week
  10. In X-Plane we were used to disable sloped runways (Settings/General: "Runways follow terrain contours") to fly online. Since swift appears to reliably adjust other planes to ground level in X-Plane 11, I am wondering what the effects of keeping sloped runways enabled would be when using swift? There are a few cases to be considered: (transmitting coordinates from => to, local client in bold; I'll ignore XSB with sloped runways enabled as that's an unusual setup) XP swift, sloped => XP swift, not sloped XP swift, sloped => other sim (e.g. FSX/P3D) with swift, not sloped
  11. I wondered the same - I've checked the Board of Governors Q3 Minute protocol published last week and (with the meeting having taken place in late November) it says the following concerning the convention: Judging from just that information I guess there's some delay with either implementation of payment processing or accomodation recommendations. It may be completely unrelated but I know there may be difficulties with credit card transactions for anything that will be "delivered" more than 6 months later; maybe that's causing the delay as there are almost 7 months to go? Personally, I w
  12. +1 Doesn't sound too complicated to implement (maybe just a flag or conditional removal of position updates required? plus a checkbox on the connect dialog, of course).
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