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  1. I have an idea for an event and wanted to see what the feeling was for something like this. The idea is a cross the USA event twice a year similar to the CTP. It would be west coast to east coast and visa versa for the event. The event could be held opposite CTP dates to get maximum attendance. The bonus is full ATC the whole way. Similar to light up the US but with a specific goal. Looking for input and if this is a worth while event idea. Thanks.
  2. Well, I guess it wasn't meant to be fixed and I ended up removing all addons and FSX and starting with a fresh install, and what do you know problem gone. At least I can confidently do the CTP now. Thanks for the replies and probably does not hurt to do a fresh install once in a while. Matt
  3. Thanks, I will try that again and see what happens. Thanks.
  4. As an additional note if I do a flight in the "non" effected area the sim will close properly with no error. I disabled GSX but did not uninstall yet and no change. I will keep plodding along until I have to do the fresh install. Matt.
  5. I did disable and even remove any addons I had in the effected area. Could a single airport like I did do the KEWR addon for the night in Newark but it worked then. I will dig into that and remove any [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated files and see if that helps. I will disable GSX and report back as I dont have AES. Thanks.
  6. Hey all, I am having an unusual problem with FSX and I wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations before I do a reinstall. Warning slightly lengthy post please bear with me. Also if this is in the wrong area, moderators please move to appropriate area. I am running: FSX ASN VPilot FSUIPC and other addons. I have alot of payware planes, but only 1 payware airport I won in the Icy Hot Crossfire. I have updated many AFCADS and have been on VATSIM for about 2 years and have a bunch of hours. I have had very few CTD issues with FSX and at worse I have had it fr
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