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  1. Yeah this always happens for some reason, let me try this again. If not can you go directly to this link https://events.vatsim.hk/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/kaitakfuelstop.png
  2. Link to banner incase the link above doesn't work
  3. Need to make a fuel stop or want to do a touch and go before you continue onto your destination? Come join us at Kai Tak for a thrilling approach and your fuel stop needs! When : November 1st 2330Z to November 2nd 0230Z Where: Kai Tak International Airport (VHHX) Charts: vatsim.hk Nav Data: https://www.vapap.com/kai-tak-airport All X-Plane users please prepend your apt.dat file under X-Plane 11\Resources\default scenery\default apt dat\Earth nav data\apt.dat with the text in the following file vhhx.txt and add the following lines into user_nav.dat under
  4. Hi, Not sure why the banner didn't attach. https://events.vatsim.hk/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/vatsimhk-open-night.png
  5. Come join VATSIM-HK as we staff all three airports in our FIR for a fun night! When: October 3rd, 2020 1200Z to 1600Z Where: Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH) Macau International Airport (VMMC) Kai Tak Airport (VHHX) Scenery: VHHH: https://secure.simmarket.com/taxi2gate-hong-kong-international-airport-vhhh-fsx-p3d.phtml https://secure.simmarket.com/wf-scenery-studio-hong-kong-international-airport-vhhh-p3d4-p3d5.phtml https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/43626-vhhh-hong-kong-chek-lap-kok-international/ VHHX: https://secure
  6. Come celebrate Christmas early with us as we bring you from Hong Kong to Christmas Island! This event will feature full departure ATC as well as enroute ATC with support from VATPRC and VATSEA. When: September 26th, 2020 1100Z to 1700Z Where: Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH) Christmas Island Airport (YPXM) Route: VHHH - YPXM: PECAN V11 LEMON V12 EPDOS L642 KARAN W2 PTH L642 CN L644 DKI T6 CKG T3 HLM R206 XMX Scenery: VHHH: https://secure.simmarket.com/taxi2gate-hong-kong-international-airport-vhhh-fsx-p3d.phtml https://secure.simmarket.c
  7. Come fly from Asia's World City to the "Seoul" of Asia as VATSIM-HK and VATKOR provide full ATC services from VHHH to RKSI with support from en-route divisions! Event Date and TimeSaturday, September 19th, 2020, 1100z-1600zFeaturing AirportsHong Kong International Airport (VHHH)Incheon International Airport (RKSI)RouteVHHH-RKSI:OCEAN V3 ENVAR M750 DADON M750 ANLOT B1 APU DCT DRAKE Q11 WP900 L4 LIPLO Y741 ATOTI Y722 OLMENChartsKorea AIS (AIP -> AD)http://ais.casa.go.kr/Hong Konghttps://vatsim.hk/ChartsSceneryHong Kong International Airport (VHHH)https://secure.simmarket.com/taxi2
  8. Do you often see ZGOW_APP online but don't know where to fly to or from? Well, we've got you covered! To take you back to the 90s show "The Pride of Chaozhou", 我來自潮州, VATPRC and VATSIM-HK are proud to host a City Link between Jieyang Chaoshan (ZGOW) and Hong Kong (VHHH). We will be providing full ATC between VHHH and ZGOW between 1200Z to 1600Z. When: September 12th, 2020 1200Z to 1600Z Where: Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH) Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport (ZGOW) Route: VHHH - ZGOW: LAKES V1 DOTMI ZGOW - VHHH: DOTMI V512 ABBEY Sce
  9. Come join VATSIM-HK and VATJPN as we host an event between two of the most densely populated cities in Asia, Hong Kong and Tokyo. This will be a one way flight from Hong Kong (VHHH) to Tokyo-Haneda (RJTT) with full ATC services from start to finish. Where: Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH) to Tokyo Haneda International Airport (RJTT) When: August 29th 1100Z to 1600Z *Important Information* Please update your AIRAC to 2002 or later and please enter AIRACxxxx at the beginning of the remarks when submitting your flight plan. Click here( https://forums.vats
  10. Just picked up the new Microsoft Flight Simulator? Want to fly low through Victoria Harbour so it feels as if you can touch the water? Want to fly over Hong Kong Disney in hopes of getting free entry? Maybe landing your Cessna at DB Golf Course is cheaper and faster than paying for a Golf Cart? Well, we have you sorted! Join us on the 22nd as we provide full VFR ATC Services in Hong Kong When: August 22nd, 2020 1200Z to 1600Z Where: Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH) VFR Briefing: http://vatsim.hk/Uploads/VFRBriefing.pdf Scenery P
  11. VATSIM HK and VACCTHA would like to invite you all to come fly between Hong Kong (VHHH) and Bangkok (VTBS) on July 25th from 1200Z to 1600Z. When: July 25th, 2020 1200Z to 1600Z Where: VHHH - VTBS VTBS - VHHH Charts: https://vatsim.hk/ https://www.vacc-tha.org/ Scenery: VHHH: FSX/P3D X-PLANE VTBS: https://www.vacc-tha.org/pilot/scenery
  12. Hi Deon, Thanks for posting it. I accidentally made a mistake and put the scenery for VHHH instead of VMMC. I've since updated the original forum post. Could you update it on the website as well? Cheers!
  13. Come join VATSIM HK and Philippines vACC as we provide full ATC services between Manila and Macau! Event Date and time July 11th, 2020 1200Z to 1600Z Suggested Route VMMC-RPLL GRUPA V4 NOMAN A461 AVMUP W16 OLIVA RPLL-VMMC SIRCA L628 DOSUS W3 AKOTA A583 SABNO V542 SUKER CHALI Charts https://vatphil.com/charts https://vatsim.hk/ Scenery VMMC [P3D/FSX] VMMC [X-Plane] RPLL [P3D/FSX] RPLL [X-Plane]
  14. On July 6 1998, Hong Kong’s Kai Tak international airport took its last flight and closed its doors, moving all operations at the airport to the current Hong Kong International Airport. Although it has been 22 years since then, its legacy continues to live on. For example, right here on VATSIM, the Hong Kong vACC continues to keep Kai Tak under the ICAO code VHHX as one of the airports it controls. Want to re live the thrilling moments of the Kai Tak IGS 13 approach as it flies over the residential buildings in Kowloon city? Well you're in luck, this year we are extending the event
  15. Come join VATSIM-HK and VATPRC as we provide full ATC services between Shanghai and Hong Kong! Event Date and time Saturday, 2020/05/16, 1200z – 1600z, 2000CST – 2400CST Route VHHH-ZSPD (AIRAC2001 or above) LAKES V1 DOTMI A470 LJG B221 SHZ W58 BK LAKES V13 LELIM M503 OKATO R596 DST B221 SHZ W58 BK (offset 6nm left of track from PONEN to LELIM) ZSPD-VHHH (AIRAC2001 or above) HSN W13 BEGMO M503 LELIM V591 ABBEY (offset 6nm right of track from PONEN to LELIM) Charts [VATPRC-Pilot Center] https://vatsim.hk/ Scenery [VATPRC-Pilot Center] https://
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