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  1. If the winds are [email protected], the ATIS skips the winds entirely and the winds box in vATIS is blank. Working as intended? DAB ATIS INFO G 0253Z. 10SM FEW055 SCT085 OVC200 22/18 A2996 (TWO NINER NINER SIX). SIMUL VIS APCHS RWYS 7L AND 7R IN USE. DEPTG RWYS 7L, 7R, AND 16. NOTAMS... CAUTION: STUDENT PILOTS IN AND AROUND AIRPORT. BIRD ACTIVITY IN AREA. INCLUDE YOUR CALLSIGN IN ALL READBACKS. ADVS YOU HAVE INFO G.
  2. Hello, I also updated to v2.0 and found that the D-ATIS fetch is no longer available. Until this is fixed, what is the plan? I don't mind coming up with config files for each airport using the fetch, but it sounds like just using free text without the fetch is a step backward.
  3. Sigh. I fixed it. False alarm. It was a copy/paste error, resulting in an erroneous coordinate. Thanks for looking at it.
  4. The .air file loaded contains just one test aircraft. .air file is next on my list. N470ER:C172:P:V:KCHS:KCHS:1500:CLOSED TRAFFIC:/v/:1200:S:32.89952:-80.03279:0:0:0 Unpause. Then, I have to get N470ER moving before I can type another command, so: taxi G2 G A 21 Next, add an aircraft at the terminal. add i l j @T1 Select that aircraft, tell it to taxi to Runway 33. taxi B C 33 It will taxi off the ramp, and start traveling towards taxiway A, then turn around at A. If I tell it to taxi to Runway 3, I'm told that taxiway C and Runway 3 do not interse
  5. icao=KCHS magnetic variation=8 field elevation=43 pattern elevation=1045 pattern size=1.5 initial climb props=4000 initial climb jets=4000 jet airlines=AAL,ACA,AWE,BAW,BLR,BTA,CAL,CAX,COA,CVA,DAL,DLH,EAL,EIN,FDX,FFT,JAL,JBU,KAL,KLM,ML,NEA,NWA,QFA,SAC,SAS,SWA,UAL,UPS,USA,WWA turboprop airlines=EGF,USA,COA,CJC,JZA registration=N [PARKING G1] 32.89952 -80.03279 [PARKING G2] 32.89702 -80.03090 [PARKING USAF1] 32.89680 -80.04638 [PARKING USAF2] 32.90099 -80.04585 [PARKING T1] 32.88532 -80.03958 [PARKING T2] 32.88668 -80.03736 [PARKING T3] 32.88595 -80.03613 [PARKING T4] 32.88523 -80.03474
  6. Hello! I am currently creating an airport file for KCHS (Charleston AFB/Int'l), as we are switching some training to this airport. I've created the airport file by capturing necessary intersection points in VRC; however, I have an issue. KCHS has a runway 3 and a runway 33. When I command SWEATBOX aircraft to taxi to either, they get stuck in a loop between the two. Not quite sure what is going on, as any other runway, the aircraft can find a path from pointA to pointB. A keyword search in this forum didn't return any results. Any help? Regards, Christopher Denton ZJX Facilities
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