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  1. Hey @Jamie Janssen, So far, for some miracle the disconnections have stopped. Actually since yesterday 1605z. I'm flying today again and so far so good. I hope it stays that way. Hopefully for you it might also be resolved.
  2. Hi sinds this past Saturday (23rd JAN 2021) I started experiencing repeatedly Voice Server disconnections with multiple flights. Never before had this. -Disconnect Time: 14:52z -How Often your disconnects are: every few minutes, can't really discern a pattern -What error the client showed on disconnect: Disconnected from voice server. Reason: Lost server connection -Callsign: AAL76 -Client Version: vPilot v2.7.0 -Internet Speed: 20 Mbps -Internet Provider or rough real world location: Tele2 NL -A link to a zipfile of the debug.txt file if it exists as w
  3. Hi, I can confirm that I also see this issue happening on my end. I (also) fly P3Dv5.1. With the person I fly with, I use an edited custom .vmr file (linking to aircraft liveries in my SIM). Could this be a culprit? But then, it never used to be...as I use this edited .vmr since P3Dv4.5 HF2.
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