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  1. Christos, as I said on the HvACC Discord server, I will be taking a look at this issue over the next day(s). Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your work in this excellent API. Until now, subdivisions have no clue what their current members are (or if they have transferred etc.). Can the rating_list endpoint/method be used by subdivisions aswell?
  3. I have made a simple python script that requests the vatsim-data.txt every 1 minute from VATSIM data-file, changes the VERSION number, and opens up a local HTTP server so that Euroscope can access it. That server is hosted on port 80, I couldn't get ES to work with any other port. You will need to install the "requests" library. Tested in Python 3.8 Use at your own risk. https://gist.github.com/tasosb/7fd8a4138fde63ec33864ed398ba85f5 Don't forget to update your Euroscope Settings (General Settings => Page 2) Of course if anyone has a better idea, feel free to i
  4. I got the latest status file from http://cluster.data.vatsim.net/vatsim-data.txt and just changed the VERSION from 9 to 8. Then it was a matter of opening a http server on localhost and pointing ES at it. This can be automated with a simple script, I will see if I can do something.
  5. The issue is just changing VERSION=9 to VERSION=8 on vatsim-data.txt All the else seem to work OK.
  6. That's weird. When I open the LGGG profiles, no errors appear, yet when I open HungarianMatias (the default one) the error appears. I will try to figure out what's different. EDIT: If you untick the "Show simulated traffic" under Quick Settings and save the changes the error will not be shown. That doesn't fix the core problem but gets rid of the error.
  7. With the latest Euroscope Beta I can see no Error regarding the datafile version. Probably give that a go? [09:19:48] Info: Loading server data from C:\Users\User\Documents\EuroScope\ipaddr.txt file ... [09:19:48] Info: Loading server data from C:\Users\User\Documents\EuroScope\myipaddr.txt file ... [09:19:48] Info: No additional servers file available [09:19:51] Info: Downloading http://status.vatsim.net/ ... [09:19:52] Info: VATSIM status downloaded with 1 server URLs and 1 data URLs [09:19:53] Info: Selected server URL: http://cluster.data.vatsim.net/vatsim-servers.txt [09
  8. Right click on the word image, and click view image
  9. He got this partly right, here is his photo: EDIT: Your windows font size must also be 100%, is yours higher?
  10. Drag-Drop the screenshot here: https://imgur.com/upload and when the image uploads, copy-paste the link from your browser here
  11. I have seen this bit over and over again and it is getting VERY tiring. If your setup doesn't meet the requirements, don't come here and say aaah VATSIM just wants those with high end PCs. It is not our(= VATSIM community's) problem that your setup can't handle the requirements of X-Plane. Get FSX. It is almost 3 times cheaper than X-Plane and it doesn't have the problem that makes ATC lives harder. On a steam sale, it costs as much as 3 coffees.
  12. The way I solve this is by clicking the "arrow up" button on the standalone menu. This pins a small version of the standalone (like a widget) above Euroscope. You can see who's transmitting, and when the random disconnect happens, you can see it directly on there (button turns from blue to black iirc).
  13. Peter, The web team has already replied to you here: viewtopic.php?f=157&t=80902 For the method that Nestor is suggesting: On pastebin, where it says " New Paste", you can paste the whole log from the X-Plane log file (it is on the installation folder). Once this is complete click on the button "Create new paste".You might have to scroll down to see the button. When a confirmation notice appears, copy the link fom your browser and paste it here. If you find this method complex, you can just attach your log.txt file from the X-Plane installation folder on a website like http
  14. I have sent to Gary your Discord username, and I have sent you Gary's username aswell. Now it is a matter to add each other.
  15. For Gary and team: (from HvACC Forum) You can see from Elias' screenshot that the automatic allocation of the primary frequency from Euroscope to the standalone Client isn't happening aswell. (First 'slot' completely empty)
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