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  1. Go to the #role-selection channel and grab the CTP role to get access to the CTP channels.
  2. You can find eAIP France at https://www.sia.aviation-civile.gouv.fr/. Search for LFML under Aerodromes civils dotes de procedures IFR and see part 2.18 Moyens de radiocommunication ATS.
  3. Are you saying you can't say "he" and "she" in Finnish?
  4. I'd recommend first spawning at a busy airport with ATC and listening in to other traffic. You can use observer mode so that you aren't in the way of other aircraft. Second, you can plan that on your first flight you only get en-route ATC. (Of course, you can never know who may come online but still.) En-route ATC is the easiest: he'll just give you a squawk and maybe a direct and finally hand you to unicom. Third, if you're uncomfortable using voice, you can choose the "receive voice" option when filing your flight plan. That way the controller will be talking to you on voice and yo
  5. All you have to do is report your position to the ground controller after vacating and then you can negotiate your gate or terminal if you want.
  6. This is really weird but I'd say it was not your fault, if it was FNO maybe all the gates were taken. In the USA they often let you taxi at pilot's discretion or they may ask where you want to park and send you there. In Europe you usually get assigned a specific gate.
  7. To be fair, you didn't say with certainty that my case was handled, you said probably. So what happened to communication and plain common sense? If someone files a complaint, it's logical they want an answer and a satisfaction for the wrongdoing. If the procedures have changed, I don't think VATSIM has improved in this regard.
  8. Four years ago I ran into trouble on the network and filed a complaint via email to the supervisors. On the same day I received a reply from a senior supervisor saying he is assigning my case to one of his team and in a few hours this person also contacted me to let me know he had begun the post factum investigation. On the next day he wrote me again to inform that the investigation was over and what measures had been taken. Though there was some secrecy (he never gave me the other side's perspective about which I was most curious) I remained satisfied and even enjoyed the short interaction.
  9. I can't believe people can be this rude!!!
  10. The STARs are much longer than the vectoring segment. You'll probably fly part of the STAR until ATC takes you off it and starts vectoring.
  11. To be fair, I've experienced delays even being /r. In fact at least a couple controllers have made me go /t when I had filed /r because supposedly they somehow find mixed comms confusing and prefer either pure text or pure voice. I can remember at least two times when I had to go text. On my first flight when I didn't know how to turn down aircraft sounds and simply couldn't hear the frequency. The second time when my son had pulled the headset plugs from the computer and I noticed that just after I had fully set up the plane. I'd have to restart my sim to fix this but I had no time for that.
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