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  1. Hi Reg, Do I understand correctly that you still need to learn to fly your plane? If so, youtube, xplane forums and whatever else you can find online specific to the Dornier will help you better. The VATSIM learning center deals more with ATC comms, procedures and things like that. You don't need any certifications to fly, unless you want them. For that, see the ATOs, VATSIM approved pilot training organizations. Be sure to stick to your Dornier if that's what you enjoy. The more variety in aircraft types, the merrier! (I don't think I've ever seen a Dornier on VATSIM!)
  2. Not bad at all for the first flight. You sounded quite confident. Thanks for the video. Brought back memories how I myself was flying VFR and listening to ATC talking to all the big jets.
  3. I don't know how realistic MSFS ATC is, but here you can listen to real world ATC: https://www.liveatc.net/ Or you can try youtube like this channel where the communications are transcribed.
  4. https://my.vatsim.net/learn This is VATSIM's own learning center, deals mostly with ATC comms and VATSIM things. For flying the plane probably youtube is your best friend.
  5. Don't worry, there are a lot people like you and if they could do it you can do it too. I'm impatient with myself too because I'm a slow learner for practical things. Charts are strongly recommended, for the UK they are available for free, as well as for a lot of other countries. You can also join VATSIM Discord and ask your questions there, there's a lot of people willing to help someone out. And yes, you can join in observer mode, that way you'll be invisible to ATC and other pilots, so you can listen in while sitting on the ramp or even flying.
  6. No need to be harsh on yourself for just one mistake. VATSIM's motto is Aviate, Educate, Communicate. If you know how to fly a plane, you know a lot already. Just keep on learning and you'll be fine. I started flying on the Flightgear sim. It was not possible to connect to VATSIM, so I switched sims and learned X-plane which is completely different. I had to learn to use the FMC instead of using a menu in the sim to enter the flight plan. Once in a while, I buy a new plane and learn it. Right now I'm learning to fly an Airbus that I've never had before. You just never stop learning!
  7. Do you really think I don't know Kennedy Steve? Everybody knows him, lol. I have nothing against humor on the frequency, quite the contrary. I just find your transmissions not funny and too longwinded.
  8. Well, he said himself in another thread that he'd rather fly with adults than with kiddos with their ridiculous behavior. Meanwhile seems like he picked up some bad habits himself while flying with the kiddos. Singing Elvis on the frequency? Seems like he took up quite some frequency time. Memphis Center did the right thing by ignoring the nonsense. Well, my personal opinion anyway. 🙃
  9. This is not appropriate. No fooling around on frequencies.
  10. There is no specific phraseology, just use plain English. You can also ask the controller to speak slower.
  11. Normally the runway to expect is given by Approach on first contact, or in the case of VATSIM top down control, you can expect it to be given around the place where you'd be handed off from Center to Approach. That is not to say that the runway can't change later, though. If you're not given the runway to expect (or a STAR) in a timely manner, feel free to remind the controller. With the STAR, if the frequency is busy, as others have said, make a guess about one of the parallel runways and program it in. With the runway, feel free to ask for more time / vectors to prepare for the approach. And
  12. Go to the #role-selection channel and grab the CTP role to get access to the CTP channels.
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