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  1. Yes, each private conversation with another user is opened in a separate tab. In addition there is a loud beep accompanying it which is hard to miss (unless you're away from the computer, of course). Welcome to VATSIM and keep learning.
  2. Singapore https://aim-sg.caas.gov.sg/eaip.html China https://yinlei.org/x-plane10/aeronautical-information-publication-aip-and-airport-charts-of-china.html (some links are not working) For countries whose AIPs are not published or have limited access, I'd rather search for a specific airport and it usually turns up an older or newer Jeppesen chart.
  3. You're welcome and I'm glad something worked for you.
  4. The controller was a bit quiet so I might have missed something but I didn't see any wrong in what he did except for sending you through the localizer and a bit late descent clearance but I'd put it down to him being very busy (obviously, when there is a Friday night event next door). The downwind was a bit long for a C172 but since you were IFR for an ILS approach, this was necessary as I understood from what the controller wrote. I think, Danice, you were concentrating too much on "this is the guy who argued with me about the weather", so you got the feeling he was somehow trying to hurt you when he was just being busy. I was recently left at FL290 where I should've been at FL60 by a busy controller, then he let me fly almost 100 nm away from the airport while descending. Finally he realized he wasn't able to service me, apologized and sent me to unicom for my landing (I was the only arrival to a smaller airport in his airspace). I just chuckled and did what I was told to do. When they're busy, they're busy, nothing you can do. It's not on purpose. 🙂 Also you could have called the field in sight when you saw passing it and he would've been able to change your approach to visual again. @Dominic Nguyen I know you're a great controller and I'm sure your superiors know this, too, so your reputation is not easily tarnished. 🙂
  5. Some SteelSeries products are known to be problematic with VATSIM. I myself had one that I posted about but it was a couple years ago and the thread has since been deleted. Here is another one.
  6. There's no other website but let's hope this is a temporary error related to the infrastructure change we're having and they have a backup somewhere with all our data.
  7. I checked and it looks like we have data loss here. My own flight plans from 2016 and even 2019 are missing too. I don't know who to ping but this should come to the attention of our technical staff.
  8. Good to know. 👍 That's why I was curious in which part of the world it happened. Also, Brayden, you can ask the controller on a private message about an instruction you don't understand. Many controllers are happy to help if they're not very busy.
  9. I've never heard a controller advising in advance he's got a STAR clearance for you, normally they just clear you for the STAR and you read it back. Perhaps it was a route (STAR) amendment? Again, you'd just advise ready to copy and read back the new STAR, then fly it. If for some reason you can't, say Unable. May I ask where it happened?
  10. I was having an issue earlier today. It worked on the second try.
  11. I'm having a problem, or rather, two problems, and I don't know if they're related. First, about half of all my flights or more I keep getting disconnected with the error message "EndReceive failed: (10060) A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond". When this doesn't happen, I also often keep getting disconnected and reconnected to the voice server. I'm using xPilot and Xplane 11.41.
  12. Yes, click on the 'Add Filter' icon at the top and fill out the necessary fields, then save. Later you can access your filter through General Settings > Filters to edit or delete it.
  13. I think Boston Virtual ARTCC had such a video. Edit: I hadn't dreamt this: The Speedbird talking at must be a girl.
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