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  1. Of course, the text thing is just my personal opinion. Other controllers may feel differently. There's no reason for ATC to become frustrated because multiple pilots are trying to call at the same time. It happens. You can't control it (just like in real life). At Boston, we try to encourage our controllers to pick out one of the airplanes to avoid multiple blocked transmissions. If I can even discern anything from the two transmissions, I'll try my best to offer priority: "I had two on at once, the N-number calling for IFR clearance, say again?" We all get short-tempered on o
  2. I don't feel the VATSIM network should have achievements baked in. The existing Pilot Ratings and Virtual Airline structure has this concept covered. To me, anything the network were to do would simply be a re-creation of what's already available through either of those options (or many other third-party systems like ProjectFly).
  3. Agree with Andreas, sounds like you did everything right. Personally, when I'm controlling, I'd rather pilots not do this. Although it seems like it will save you time, the reason you can't get through on frequency is because I'm so busy handling other requests. Now it's almost like you are trying to "cut" the line of people calling on voice. Hard to say where your priority might be. Also, there's a chance I'll miss the instruction and now you're thinking I have your request when I don't. In the scenario when it's super busy, the best thing you can do is double-check your flight plan a
  4. I suspect in the next 3-6 months, the third-party community will "catch up" and there will be a version of FLAi for MSFS. What needs to happen is for those who have built models and liveries for FSX/P3D to convert them for the new system. Once that's done, we'll be able to support MSFS with FLAi.
  5. In addition to Marcus' comments, this is a scenario where it is very important to obtain the Tower controller's ATIS (verbally or via text) so you know which runway is active. Because you won't be given vectors to final, it's important you line yourself up with the correct runway. Otherwise, you might find a departure pointing right at you!
  6. Hopefully the new patch for MSFS will improve the weather accuracy. Or, perhaps ActiveSky will come out with an MSFS version. Pilots in default FSX/FSX:SE/P3D routinely have this issue. I always recommend grabbing ActiveSky (a payware weather add-on) or using the "B" key so you're using what your simulator thinks the altimeter is.
  7. I just tried to download the file but it wouldn't work for me. Could you re-share it?
  8. Mike, in your version of Prepar3D, if you don't see runways and taxiways matching the diagrams, there are thousands of free updates you can download for them. (There are also several payware airports you can purchase that will not just improve accuracy but also make them look a lot better.) The largest repository of free airport updates for P3D I know about is here: https://library.avsim.net/. Normally, when I'm planning a flight to a major airport and/or with ATC, I'll look at whether I already have up-to-date scenery. If I don't, I check the AVSIM library and install anything I can find
  9. We wrapped up our 2020 edition of Ground School with a discussion on RNAV Procedures last night. (Read: I will stop spamming the forums with updates on this thread, finally.)For those who joined us live or who have been following along on YouTube, thanks for the support! A huge thank you to CFIs Alec Liberman and Krikor Hajian. In addition to busy college schedules and teaching students, Alec and Krikor were excellent hosts throughout this series of pilot-focused discussions.Boston Virtual ARTCC hosts Ground School live about once every two years. Until the next one, you can find recordings fr
  10. Does "descend via" cancel a previously-issued speed restriction? If VNAV tells you to descend, do you have to ask ATC for lower first? Do you have to meet an "expect" crossing restriction? These questions and many more are the subject of BVA's last 2020 Ground School seminar on RNAV Procedures. Please note that the session will be recorded for a future upload to YouTube.
  11. We don't have anything quite like that, but our "Radio Communications" seminar does go through the standard communications you would expect for VFR and IFR flights, both at towered and non-towered airports.
  12. Then, from my perspective, I'm totally out of ideas. It seems to me that your settings are as they should be, and I can't see anything in your Windows settings that should cause this. Hopefully one of the developers or support folks here on the forums have some other ideas. Sorry I couldn't be of any help!
  13. If you're looking for a self-study program, you could consider this one: www.bvartcc.com/wings. It has an "instructor" component to it in that controllers in the Boston area will provide feedback as you. You will need to complete the flights while ATC coverage is available and to assist with that, we publish expected coverage on our website. Of course, this program is designed for operations in U.S. airspace and won't necessarily be helpful for flights in Europe or in the rest of the world.
  14. Are you guys both running vPilot and any audio/control software for the headsets "as Administrator"?
  15. Sorry, I did indeed mean "Prepar3D and FSX". Right now, the only model matching solution I know of is the Bluebell package: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/37041-bluebell-obj8-csl-packages/
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