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  1. It's been a while since I actually enjoyed flying on VATSIM, or in the sim in general. I just can't find any reward or gratification in completing flights. I noticed VATNZ has an Achievements system (https://www.vatnz.net/achievements/), I know those logbook programs like ProjectFLY might have something similar, but then that's just another program to open, another account to maintain, and overall makes flying in the sim more cumbersome. It'd be cool if VATSIM had a sort of built-in career or rank system which would actually encourage people to fly and control more. Thoughts?
  2. I'm sure lots of you out there are familiar with Accomeap. Probably one of VATSIMs most ambitious maps out there, being able to correctly display sectors, dynamically change sectors based on runways, all the good stuff. Unfortunately for the project, there have been some changes in my life that will prevent me from continuing to work on it. As of today, Accomeap will be officially merging into SimVector (https://simvector.net/). My reasons for this are simple due to my lack of time to commit to the project alone. I simply don't have enough time on my hands to keep the project runni
  3. expect verb regard (something) as likely to happen. I always take "Expect..." with a grain of salt. Doesn't mean things won't change last minute.
  4. Put together a quick timelapse of CTP: E 2018 from Accomeap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68no4rTvo38
  5. Strictly speaking, during those times of "bandboxing" (In simple terms: covering positions below your own), the controller is simply listening and transmitting on two frequencies. They're not jumping between consoles or anything trying to operate multiple "positions". The new codec will have similar functionality.
  6. Hey Chris, We've got everything planned out, now it's just a matter of putting it all together. I'm currently cracking out on some other work, but a public beta is in the near future!
  7. How many of you CTP controllers out there will be using CPDLC for Cross the Pond? I'll be using it throughout Domestic and Oceanic
  8. I have officially uninstalled Grammarly and installed a double shot Latte. The meeting has been moved to the Thursday 22ND of MARCH. 22/03/18, 0800z. I apologise for the inconvenience and confusion...
  9. Hi everyone, The Accomeap team will be holding a public meeting on Thursday the 22nd of March (22/03/18) at 0800z. This conference will be held on a temporary Discord server: https://discord.gg/PyZyN2X As many of you know, Accomeap is in the stages of a complete redesign for v2. As we strive to make the best application available, we need community input. We'll be discussing features, design problems and solutions, as well as community suggestions. What: Public discussion and problem solving for the benefit of Accomeap and all VATSIM users. A chance to give suggestions directl
  10. The whole purpose of Accomeap was to be a cross platform, "Who's online" client with accurate sub-sectorisation and ATC sector hierarchy depiction, a single global database of all sectors and airports, so nobody is left behind, and provide both pilots and controllers the basic information they need to get going (weather, traffic, ATC). We are in no way competing with PlanG, which from what i've seen is more of a pilot tool. We are not creating a pilot tool for pilots, we are creating a VATSIM tool for every single VATSIM user.
  11. I believe the multiple processes are quite normal. One is the wrapper, the other two are like rendering nodes. Google Chrome does the exact same thing, but with more processes. They are not duplicate processes.
  12. Re: Out of date sectors: We rely on community input and contribution to keeo our sectors up to date. If we have no data for the sub-sectors, we do the same as VAT-Spy and hilight the FIR. If you want your sector splits and hierarchies simulated, please submit information here: http://accomeap-project.com Re: Auto-updates: Ever since V0.1.0, we've been having issues with auto-updates. They seem to be hit-and-misses with almost everyone having different experiences. It's worked for me some days, hasn't worked other days. We've narrowed the problem down to the installer file for the update
  13. Attention! A bug was recently found that prevented Accomeap from auto-updating. If you continue to receive update alerts after downloading the update. Please re-download Accomeap from this page: http://accomeap-project.com/#download You can also alternatively navigate to "%appdata%/Accomeap", and then run the accomeap-install.exe file within. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are always on the lookout for more bugs, if you have any, please report them.
  14. Surprise! Accomeap v1 is out in the wild and available to all Windows users! Our MacOS version is still in development and will be ready for download before Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017! Special thanks to all of our developers, contributors, and testers for making this possible! You can download it from our website here: http://accomeap-project.com/ If you have any issues, feel free to send them to us also via the website. Happy simming! Please note: There are still some small issues with the app, but it's nothing that makes it unusable. Besides, we have a bug report tool f
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