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  1. can anyone help me please. I cannot get the ETA of an aircraft on my screen. there was an ac on finals but i could not see his landing time. please help
  2. What custom rule set are you referring to? Default planes. They don't appear I don't understand what you're saying ... you said you thought the PMDG 777 would appear with a custom rule set, but now you're talking about default planes. What is the actual problem you're experiencing? sir i have WOAI as traffic addon. and now when i fly, there are few planes that are not there in Woai package like my p3d has the T-6 texan. but i dont see it in fs because its not ther e in my woai package . but as you said we need custom models rule set for them to appear i got the solution to my problem
  3. What custom rule set are you referring to? Default planes. They don't appear
  4. vPilot will not use the 777 for model matching unless you create a custom rule set. I would recommend against that, though, since the PMDG 777 is a very complex model and your framerate will suffer if you use it for model matching. I am not in any mood of using pmdg but with the custom ruleset I thought it would do that automatically. And plus I might get OOMs. And The coms problem is little annoying in busy airspace like dxb. When I have to switch to text or reconnect every time the coms fail. Thank you
  5. Run BOTH vPilot and FSX as admin. Done that. P3D and VPilot running as admin. With VPilot in focus
  6. Sir I have few problems while using VPilot 2.0. * I need to have VPilot as my active software as in the VPilot should be in focus and selected to transmit voice. Without that the transmission does not occur. *sometimes even while having VPilot in focus and pressing the PTT voice is not transmitted over. *and if its suppose to display a 777 as a pmdg 777 if I own one. It isn't the case with me. I see a 777 as a Woai's 777. Thank you. And all the best with the new version looks very very promising
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