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  1. Imagine that. It all works as it should with the same version on both machines. Thanks Ross! I would not have thought about that, as I don't use vPilot on my FS machine, and didn't think that that is where Traffic Proxy comes from.
  2. Okay, so I downloaded the latest build of vPilot (it asked when I loaded it on Saturday), and since then I have not been able to see other aircraft. I have done some troubleshooting and have quite a few discoveries to share with you Ross. Build # 1.1.5514.37598 (from debugging screen) I run vPilot on a Networked machine using SimConnect as well as TrafficProxy on my FSX Machine. My FS Computer runs Windows 8 (yeah, I know...but didn't when I bought it!). Since the latest build, though I see the messages, and they are showing in my Debug Screen (Pending=NO), they do NOT show up
  3. Sorry, not familiar with DLYS, and I have had no luck searching for it. What is it? Where can it be found? The same is true for EZCA, never heard of it, and haven't found it.
  4. Okay, so my goal has been to run as much of my "accessories" on a networked computer, leaving my FSX computer "clean" for better performance. I finally waded through the SimConnect process and got vPilot working on a networked computer. My only concern now is how to map my joystick trigger for use as the PTT button. Is it possible? When I try to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign a PTT button/key, it will not recognize anything other than my networked NON-FSX computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I've run into this too, and for me, the easiest way to get the joystick back is simply to press "ALT+ENTER" to go to/from windowed mode to Full screen, or Full Screen back to windowed mode. Works 100% of the time, though there are times when it takes a couple of such button presses to revive the joystick.
  6. Mic Calibration worked as advertised. All was normal. The problem was the Windows Firewall. I did some digging deep into my machine and discovered the McAfee Security Center enabled the windows firewall. After discovering this I dug into the Windows Firewall and found out how to allow vPilot through. I connected to VATSIM and tuned to a couple of controllers and even an ATIS, and it appears that all is now well.
  7. Hi all, I've recently returned to the flight sim community after being gone for a very long time. I have settled upon vPilot for my choice of pilot client software, and all is well except that I am not able to connect to any voice channel. I tune my radio to the frequency for any controller that is online, and I hear a double tone, seemingly indicating that I've joined the controller's channel, but I can not communicate with the controller except by text. When I press my PTT button, the Tx box lights up (blue), but as far as I can tell, no one can hear me. The Rx box never lights up, a
  8. How is my version too restrictive? As I read it now you can't control as a Pilot/Obs, but once you p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] your training you are Tower Certified. The only difference is that as a Pilot/Obs, you CAN NOT CONTROL at all, and would not be able to learn a lot of the necessary tools needed in the controller client software. I'm not adovcating that you would need to be a Trainee for 10 hours of mentoring or instructing, but you'd at least need to be taught the basics and show that you understand the concepts needed to successfully work a "minor" tower. I could see that the S1 w
  9. Roland, Perhaps I am being a bit dense, but how can a person who is not yet an S1 train to get tower certified when he can't even log into the network and legally control a single aircraft? The pilot/obs rating is great for seeing how things are done, but does nothing for actually allowing the person to get hands on training. I don't even think a Pilot/Obs rating will even allow someone to log into sweatbox to train! Where am I going wrong? What am I missing? To me, again, it seems completely appropriate to follow this progression... S1-Student/trainee, not allowed to
  10. It seems to me, after having kept abreast of things, that the best thing to do would be to simply break it down to 4 ratings, rather than 3. They would be: Trainee Tower Approach Center The trainee would be just that, but would be allowed to work as a GND/DEL/TWR controller at the NON-Major airports under direct supervision of a mentor/instructor. The tower rating would then allow the individual to work any Tower* unsupervised. The approach rating would then all the individual to work any Approach* position unsupervised. The Center rating would all an individual to work any Center*
  11. The biggest problem is that some have come to rely to heavily on "names" of facilities rather than the frequency. With today's pilot clients, you don't even need to have the controller list open, simply tune the radio to the appropriate frequency. Knowing what frequency is active and what is not, then becomes the problem, hence the controller list. You have to "name" yourself something, and in the case of NORCAL or SOCAL, there are so many subsectors, it is just not possible at present to practically "name" yourself realistically. In SOCAL, for example, there are dozens of subsectors
  12. If you go the FAA's charting website and click on the "digital A/FD" section (http://avn.faa.gov/index.asp?xml=naco/online/d_afd) you can find if there are TEC's for any region you like. There is quite a comprehensive list for the NE section of the U.S., though they are not nearly in the same format as the TEC routes available in SOCAL. It doesn't appear that they have their own names, but you can find your departure airport, and see if there is a route for the destination airport. They should work in the same manner. If you go to the above link, then click New York (for State) then
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