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  1. Hi all, I recently installed VATSYS and I got an error message : Error connecting to AFV. Is there a way for me to correct this ? Thank You
  2. In such a case, would I need to add in an ip address from my main host for auth.vatsim.net in order to ensure that it is working ? Second question: In regards to the oauth2callback.php, do u have the sample coding to be used if required or would the default script by moodle be suffice ? Thanks for your help Sean
  3. Hi Sarantos, Thank you for your post regarding the VATSIM connect for Moodle. These are my current configuration for my oauth: https://prnt.sc/w5uk5u, https://prnt.sc/w5ukfo, https://prnt.sc/w5ukks However, I am seeing an error as stated: https://prnt.sc/w5uksp Am I missing something ? Thanks Sean Tan
  4. Dear All, This particular issue could have been raised before. I am currently facing flickering issues with my euroscope as shown in the screenshots : https://prnt.sc/sqlw2j (V3.2) and https://prnt.sc/sqlwcp (V3.1) Could someone point me to the right direction in solving these issues ? Thanks Sean
  5. Dear All, I will be doing my S2 CPT on WSSS_TWR to earn my rating on the above mentioned date and time. Fly to Singapore Changi (WSSS) to allow me to earn my rating. Both VFR and IFR traffic are welcomed. I do hope to see your support there. Charts are available here: http://www.caas.gov.sg/caasWeb2010/export/sites/caas/en/Regulations/Aeronautical_Information/AIP/index.html Scenery: http://www.imaginesim.com/wsss01.htm (payware) http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=137138 (freeware) http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=137348 (freeware) (Need both to work)
  6. I also having this issues. What could be done to resolve this issue?
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