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  1. "We want this to be an accessible learning environment" Well in that case, why do pilots get to connect to the network right away and start flying but controllers can’t? Why are we held to such a high standard but anyone can load up in a 747 at JFK and start flying their first minute on the network. It’s sadly very noticeable that since when I’ve started, the amount of previous dedicated controllers have left the network due to the feeling that this isn’t a game anymore, especially if you hold a VOLUNTARY staff role. There really needs to be something done about the pilot quality, or else
  2. Create some sort of pilot quality standard, such as pilot entry examinations. Maybe before issuing a CID to a pilot, they must complete a BASIC entry examination that tests knowledge of basic flying skills and how things work on VATSIM. In my honest opinion, controllers are held to such a high standard and go through so much training, why shouldn’t the pilot.
  3. Spring break is in full swing for many, take a break from work and school and join us in San Juan (TJSJ) and Juliana (TNCM) for a fun filled night. Both airports will have full ATC coverage from 19:00-23:00 ET (2300-0300z). We look forward to seeing many of you there!
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