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  1. Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well and is ready for a good break over the festive period! Please see below a link to VATSIM UKs Training summary for 2020! A big thank you to controllers and pilots from across VATEMEA who have supported us throughout the year, whether it be flying or controlling for an adjacent mentoring session or exam - you have all helped make a difference! Training Department Christmas Message - United Kingdom - VATSIM UK Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks, Daniel Crookes
  2. Calling all Pilots! VATSIM UKs Training Department is one of the few ATOs that provides training for all of the Pilot ratings (P1-P5) and we are looking to expand our mentoring team! The only requirement to mentor are as follows: - Hold the rating you wish to mentor; - Be a home or visiting a member of VATSIM UK; - Be a member in good standing on the network. If you are not currently a member of VATSIM UK you can request to visit here. Append a message to your application that you are wishing to join VATSIM UK to become a pilot mentor. Our mentoring is carried out in
  3. VATSIM UK is proud to announce a brand new way to fly for any member of VATSIM - Flight Training Exercises https://www.vatsim.uk/fte/exercises So, what is it? Flight Training Exercises is a new system that will allow you to track your flight whilst completing your chosen exercise. We are initially launching with 5 VFR challenges that will take you from the busy airspace around London Biggin Hill Aiport (EGKB) to the South-West coast of the UK. Whilst you fly through the skies, in the background, TFDi's 'smartCARS' application will track you track your flight monitoring aspects such as
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